Welcome to the Color of the Week Project.
It’s June 14th, 2016.
This is Color #8.
It’s Blue Hosta.



Now that you’ve met Blue Hosta, you can

WEAR IT: You can wear Blue Hosta to support the heart and throat chakras and to experience a quiet rejuvenation.
SHARE IT: When you see the color- Blue Hosta, take a picture and share it on Instagram,  or on the Intuitive Bridge Facebook Page.

The instagram hashtags are #Bluehosta and #IBcolor.





Hey- It’s Bridget.


Take thy nose away from thy grindstone.
Lie down in the shade.
Turn off the noise.
Throw your phone.
Let your body rejuvenate.
Let your mind reorder itself.
Let your spirit lighten.

You won’t lose time. You’ll gain it.

Don’t put it off.

Much Love!

Bridget Pilloud



The world around us is full of color.
Every color has a meaning.
And any color can be a message to us, helping us engage with the world, feel better, and do better.

Each Monday, I share a color and its meaning. I also share about the chakras that particular color supports.
I encourage you to pay attention and see which colors show up for you in your life.
If you see the color of the week, take a picture of it, and share it on Instagram or on the Intuitive Bridge facebook page!

As we find ourselves paying attention to color, we find a deep connection to the world around us. That’s my hope.

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