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When red shows up, it’s time to question your role in the persistent state of your reality.

I don’t say that in a blaming way. I say that in a way that will hopefully allow you to understand and work with the energy of your life.

When I say energy, what do I mean? I mean information with momentum.

In life, we are perpetually riding waves of energy. That’s why, some days, everything flows smoothly. Everything links up.

There’s ease.

Other days, the air feels thick, there’s a whole lot of “can’t get there from here”.

You can have years of perceived can’t get there from here.

It can feel quite frustrating.

The most important work you can do is to love yourself and the people around you.

The second most important work you can do is to pay attention to the energy and flow, and your relationship to it.

Red Years teach us this lesson in the most emphatic, in-your-face kind of way!

Red is the color of the 1st chakra.

Your first chakra is the subject matter expert in safety, having enough, having plenty, loving your family, feeling blessed by your ancestors.  It’s about accessing your inner wisdom.

Sometimes life gives us lessons wrapped in the most ridiculous of packaging. That’s usually a red year.

The 1st chakra is the chakra that is most tangible. It’s the chakra that’s most rooted in our current sense of reality. You’re dealing with the most essential, in your face reality moments.

There’s no escaping this persistent state of reality.  But you can work with it. You can direct your experience. You have a say.

Red is asking you to pay attention and question, and after you understand, to provide direction.  It’s vital that you notice the true narrative instead of believing and perpetuating a false one.

Where to start with that? How about we start with the miracle of your birth. 560 generations successfully mated and raised children to adulthood so you could be here.  You are a precious being, a co-creator. Start with understanding that.

Because a red year is such a tangible experience, it can feel scary.  A red year is a ground floor kind of year. There’s a lot on top of you. It doesn’t feel expansive. It feels like there’s extra gravity.

Being in a body, being tangible,- dealing with the limitations of being in one specific spot in space and time, that’s intense.  It’s like they turned reality up to 11.

But really, as you know (and as we’ll discuss in the purples), you’re not stuck.  You’re not just one thing. You’re not just in one time.

Red is a color that feels like an end state. If you are having a lot of can’t catch a break or can’t get there from here, you may feel you’re always going to be stuck with the debt or the struggle, or that damn shoe dropping.

You may feel like it’s always going to be this way.

It’s NOT.

There are no end states. Everything is in flux.

In red, it’s hard to feel the mutable nature of your reality. But it’s actually the best place to enact change.  Everything is so tangible here. When you get right with your true story, life opens up.

Pay Attention. Ask Questions. Notice what you’re agreeing to. Direct your experience.

Here are a few questions to get you going:

Is this real? How real is this? Do I agree to this narrative? Have I learned this lesson? What am I resisting?  What do I want to be different?

Let’s Go Read!









Alma wrote:

My colour is a dark bright red – super surprisingly.
I donated to the World Food Program (who, for today have a company doubling the impact of the donation).

Thank you Bridget, for all you do, and for bringing this moment of joy and sharing into my day.

I was having trouble finding the right shade – but right there, in your header I can see it – the red background in the little banner saying “The Intuitive Bridge”.

Alma’s reading

It’s a year for making peace with your family.

There’s a luxury in being a person who can take responsibility for their part. You have the ability to be in that state of luxury.  Taking responsibility means getting to move past it, getting to incorporate the parts that are useful and to sustain the blows that aren’t.

That helplessness that you feel when you think all the power is in their hands, that’s not a true reality. That’s a feeling. You have an opportunity to approach the situation differently, more powerfully, to direct the experience with a new context.

You are blessed with the ability to be both graceful and to take no prisoners.

So really, what do you want? What do you want to co-create around family? What can  you love and appreciate?

This bright red is alive.  It’s the color of fresh, oxygenated blood.  Fresh blood means that there’s no room for old narratives that don’t serve you.

What a blessing! What an opportunity! You Go Alma!




Franci wrote

I donated my $$ to

My 2015 color showed up in a dream last night – red red red! I think Pantone High Risk Red 18-1763 is a good representation.

Franci’s Reading:

Your body is what connects you to this world. And you’re currently not really in your body and it’s time to come home.

Well, not home. Home is the other side. It’s time to come home to your home away from home.

I see you running your hands over your rib cage and belly and hips.  I see you reveling in the sensual nature of your body. I see you being one with it.  And that is very hot.

What happens when you’re one with your body?


Everything gets deeper. Everything has more meaning. Everything is more real. You have a choice to be here, to be real, to trade that ethereal state (and the lightness (and sometimes the anxiety) that goes with it) for a more tangible you.

Everything moves easier. You’re trading your stilts for flat shoes. There’s nothing wrong with being on the ground.

Once you recognize your body as the beautiful home state that it is, you can use that safety and structure to support you when you choose to allow your shoes and your spirits rise.

That’s pretty gorgeous!



Beth wrote:

Hi Bridget! My color this year is a crazy-rich red.

I donated my money to Saving Grace, the domestic abuse help organization in town.

Thanks so much for doing this! <3 Happy new year!

Beth’s Reading:

You have the family/ancestry dynamics happening too.

You know the parts of yourself that you need to make peace with? The ones that remind you of certain family members? Yeah.  It’s time to let those parts in from the cold.

Instead of being frustrated by those personality traits that remind you of you-know-who, it’s time to see the good in them, to incorporate them as part of you, and also, if they’re really bad, to notice when they come up and what they really mean.

Inherited traits that we can’t appreciate, that remind us of the pain in our childhoods and young adulthoods- ugh- they are not fun.

Today, I bumped up against one of mine.

I breezed through the baggage drop-off at the airport and breezed up the first class expressway to the airport security gate. And there, by the buckets and the conveyor belt, this guy and his 10-year-old kid were taking their sweet time getting shoes off and getting buckets.

And I was thinking, “Really? How hard is it to be organized before you get to the front of the line?”

So I rolled my eyes and cut in front of them. And the version of my life partner that I carry on my shoulder was shouting, “What are you doing? That’s so rude! You couldn’t wait? Your airport etiquette is terrible!”

I was just not going to be gracious and wait. I had to hurry up and get to my gate an hour ahead of time.

That right there- that inherited trait of being impatient and judgmental, and in a goddamn hurry- that’s Genevieve Helgeson.  That’s my maternal great-grandmother.

Let’s use this as an example for the three things I’d like to suggest that you do-

  • See the good in it-
    HEY- I am organized. I do not dilly-dally. I am aware of my space and respect the space and time of those behind me.
  • Incorporate it as part of you
    If I’m paying attention, I can talk my way through the trait- Okay Bridget, you have plenty of time to get to that gate, so how about we take that time to look at the people around us and smile and be gracious. We have the gift of time. It is ours to give. Ah cool. How does that feel?
  • Notice when they come up and what they really mean
    When I am impatient and judgy, I’m usually uncomfortable and anxious. And I am probably not very grounded in my body. I can help make myself more comfortable by focusing my breathing.  I can see what I’m preoccupied with, what story I’m telling myself about the experience I’m having. I can meet my needs. I can deal with things instead of letting them pop out of me in ways that are harmful.

All of the good traits, those come from some part of your DNA too. You are blessed with a great ancestry. You are creating a great legacy.  That’s a lot to take in, a lot to be part of. Make the best of the bad and the most of the good!

Bright Blessings!




Zoe wrote:

My colour for the year is a vibrant red with a hint of purple in it. I donated money to Humanitarian Projects International

Zoe’s Reading

If first chakra goes to a party, then seventh chakra is its designated driver.

They are best buds, and they’re both showing up in this year’s experience. You are experiencing one of those years where you find yourself situated perfectly between heaven and earth.

Time moves differently in a heaven and earth year. Everything has more meaning. And you lose the ability to discern the wisdom that’s coming from you and the wisdom that’s coming to you and through you.

You’re much more of a 7th chakra kind of gal. You’re all up there in the head space. You’re light and fleet and moving.

What happens when you add gravity? What happens when you think of gravity as your friend?  You will find that no matter what is happening, no matter how much you’re being forced to slow your roll, there’s divine magic and light available to you.

Your personal boundaries membrane is going to be extra thin this year. You’re going to take a lot in, and since you’re having a year that’s focused on the 1st chakra, the juxtaposition of tangible and intangible is going to be stark.

It will be hard sometimes for you to discern your own opinion from the crowd’s opinion. You are hard-wired into the collective consciousness right now.  There is a sweet spot where you feel love and connected to everybody. There’s a sticky gross spot of feeling like you’re in a big dumb herd. You’ll get to experience both!

Where you can play, play. Where you must work, work. Put your back into it.  And always remain curious to what’s happening.

By the end of this year, things are going to expand, significantly for you. Be ready for it. Get organized. And try to be present for every moment, no matter how mundane it looks on the outside.







Mindy wrote

Happy 2015, Everyone! Thanks for doing this again this year, Bridget!

I made a donation to the Mercy Health Foundation in my hometown of Durango, CO… that will go towards building costs for a new Hospice House they’re building later this year.

My color for 2015 is a bright, vibrant RED! A true red.

Mindy’s reading

I am so excited for you. This is the year when you let it go, when you set things in motion, and see what returns.

This is such a beautiful orange-red.  This is the color of a creator, of someone who builds from deep within themselves.

There’s a point in all creativity when we have to let go of the perfect dream to grapple with the actual reality. Otherwise the dream dissolves before it can take shape.

I radically dislike this point. It’s necessary, but gee, I like a perfect dream state. I like the crisp and beautiful perfect bliss of life before the thing turns real and tangible and has problems and people have opinions and want to change things, and just change it by observing it. UGH.

This is your year when the dream becomes the reality. YAY. And BOO.  It will be a struggle, and a joy.

Because what they don’t tell you is that things can be even better than that perfect pre-creation state. Certainly, your creation will be different when you let it be tangible.  But it can be better in reality. And you will be different for the experience, and the different you would not find the perfect dream state perfect anymore.

So there’s no reason to wait and hold on to the dream. There’s no reason to stand at the threshold- other than to take a deep breath, get a grip, get organized and then choose to fish or cut bait. And then do that.

I can’t wait to see what happens when you let it go.





Marybeth wrote:

It’s this deep deep earthy lava red! 


Marybeth’s Reading:

You know this song- Red Dirt Girl- by Emmylou Harris?  This song went running through my head when I thought of you and saw your color.

It’s about a young woman who has all the beauty and hope of life at the beginning of the song and has killed herself by the end of the song.

It starts-

Me and my best friend Lillian and her blue-tick hound dog, Gideon.

Sitting on the front porch, cooling in the shade, singing every song that the radio played.

And Ends- There won’t be a mention in the news of the world about the life and the death of a red dirt girl named Lillian.

I’m not dooming you, There’s no message of doom and gloom here.

Take a listen.

What I love about this song is how the love is found in the details. Her brother tells her that he’s going to take her on a motorcycle ride up around the moon and back again.

That’s what I want to tell you. Your color is simply a reminder that every single thing that you do is valuable. It is just as valuable to sit with a friend and sing along to the radio as it is to do a podcast or teach a class. The value of life is in the rich participation of every day moments.

This is being brought home to you in the biggest way. You’ve had a great lesson in not-having. You are aware of the have-not part of life.  The space-making aspect of not-having allows you to see what you have and to deeply value it.

This is not some sort of cold comfort.

This is the reality- the understanding that those who have- they may not be having the fun and joy and warmth and interesting times that you’re having. They’re having stuff, and maybe getting soft. Maybe they are big babies who are finding themselves less and less comfortable. Their spines are going soft.

Your spine is not.

This is a balancing year for you, and you will come out of it in a much safer and stable place. And also, you will come out of it with a very clear understanding of what’s important to you, and a big box full of memories of moments that you’d have missed if you weren’t having to make do.





Jammi wrote:

Thanks so much!!!! I donated to (supports agencies who serve people living with developmental disabilities)…

my color I thought would be red but I got Pantone 202 (with a streaky overlay of pantone 583 – heart green :) )

Jammi’s Reading:

Oh Jammi! I am so sorry to make your circle so ugly and weird. This is not how it looks in my head.

This green that you describe- it’s all about recognizing and being part of the teeming force of life. LIFE is so persistent.  I barely get the ivy cleaned out of my yard when it’s back in full force, climbing my trees, generally invading.

This teeming quality, like a million bees swarming a hive, it’s breath-taking. If you were truly aware of how alive you are and how alive everything around you is- you’d be stunned. I was once shown Portland in all its teeming life, and I freaked out.

So how does it relate to your life? When this appears, there’s so much momentum. You are caught up in a fast-moving life story.  It’s moving faster than you’d expect.  You just need to hang out and enjoy it.  Don’t try to focus too much- things are moving way to fast to pick out the details. Just get the gist of what’s happening around you. There will be time to ruminate later.

The red is here to ground your experience. It’s context.  It’s Dramamine. Whenever life gets to be too much, take a moment and breathe into that space between your hipbones and tailbone. Imagine energy flowing down to your feet and rising up from your hips into your body.

Don’t worry. This feels good. You were chosen for and you chose this wild ride!





Alannah wrote:

This is my favorite “new year” activity – thank you so much for doing this again! It’s much appreciated!

I donated my money to:

My color of the year is a dusty rose, which is here:

Alannah’s reading:

Alannah- You may have thought you’d be in the pinks, or possibly the purples, what are you doing over in the reds? Well, your dusty rose, it’s a dusky rose, it’s a brown-pink, and brown-pink turns up here in the reds. Strange, but true.

So, what is this color about? This color is the color of knowing, of feminine knowledge.  This is where the 6th chakra (the 3rd eye) and the 1st and 2nd chakra dance together like the three graces. Also, of course, like the maiden, mother and crone.

This is the color of cooking late into the night, in order to find the truth of a matter. It’s alchemy.

So it’s the color of doing.

It’s also the color of knowing.

It’s a little greyed out. It’s muted. Don’t you think for a moment that this is a year where you’re all played out. There’s a lot of life left in you .

This color turns up when you can’t be played for a fool. It’s the color that means you know the intentions of everyone around you. You know how to create. You know how to be. You know how to play. And yes, you’ve seen a little too much of life, so you’re coming at it a little weary. But you’re not done.

This is a year where you can make many things happen. Pay attention. Listen to your wise self. Don’t ever mistake potential for reality. Call up your cronies and get their opinions, too. And see what unfolds.




Andrea wrote:

I donated to Mary’s Place Seattle.

My color is bright red, staining, seeping, young like orange. Hex code FF1E00.

Andrea’s reading

AH! Your color. It’s so bright!

So- this is the color- this color- it’s the vibrant color of deep creation. THIS is creation, it’s when you are creating something so deeply pure and powerful that you have to open yourself completely up, pretty much inside out like a lily, you’re cracked in half birthing this creation.

You have to want it because it’s searing. You have to be brave. You have to be willing to move forward (!), come what may because whatever you are creating is so big. It’s bigger than you and you can’t control it.

I am excited that YOU are getting this color because you are so fluent in creativity.

So, yes- you are in control, until you aren’t. And hold on. And at some point you will either fall off, or go with in a beautiful way. You’ll be changed. You’ll be even more fluent. But don’t think you won’t be changed, because you will be very different when it’s all said and done.





Barbara wrote:

I donated my $$ to a family in my mother’s neighborhood.

My color is a deep red (metallic).

This color came to me with the word Majestic for 2015. I can feel that 2015 will be a very powerful year.

Thank you, Bridget!!

Barbara’s reading:

You know that part of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas where his heart grew a few sizes?

What happens when that happens to a person with a good-sized heart already?

Yes this is a powerful year, dear, but more than anything it’s a heart year! It’s so funny that you have a red, metallic color because you are coming up all heart, which is traditionally green. This red is romantic love and also family, like everything coming together in a way to make your heart want to bust out of your chest.

It’s a pure sort of happiness that you will encounter!

I wish I could see more for you, because I know there’s much more to this story. I am only getting to see so far.



I’m writing this on a sailboat in Waikiki. I just ate fresh Lilokoi (passionfruit) and greek yogurt. I love that I am writing this on a vessel that can go anywhere the sea goes.

We’re talking today about blues that are not aqua. And the blacks and greys and purples that make their way into the conversation.

White means endlessness.

Black means dynamic change.

Blue means wisdom.

Grey means movement.

What happens when these combine?

Let’s see.


In the last month or so, I shared the Drop the Baggage process – with about twenty of my greatest supporters, who bought the class during the busiest time of the year.

We are so blessed. This support allowed me to call and record and edit and now the Drop the Baggage process is available for free.

What’s Drop the Baggage? 

Drop the Baggage uses the breath, emotional sorting and physical awareness to create a space of clarity. And in that clear space, Dropping the Baggage enables intuitive listening, your chance to access the answers that are vital to your life.

This process is easy. Anybody can do it. And it completely changes how you feel.

During each MP3, I teach you one step of the four-part process, and then we spend about 35 minutes in a guided intuition experience, going inward, listening, and jettisoning the stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore.

Using this process, you’ll be able to drop the feelings and tensions that negatively color your experience. And in a space of clarity and peace, you can explore your inner self, accessing your own wisdom.

It’s the new goodie for signing up for my Soul Notes. Go to the front page ( and fill in your name and email on the upper right (look for the red arrow!).  Follow the process and it’s yours.

It’s literally the very best thing I’ve ever shared with you. It will change your life.  I promise you. You will be different after doing this process.






Last year, we had 8 out of 50 people pick yellow. This year, it’s down to 3.

Last year, 7 out of 50 picked orange. This year, we had two.

That’s a sharp drop.

Orange is the goddess color. Orange is the traditional color of the 2nd chakra, the home of creativity, fertility, sensuality and intimacy.

Yellow is the power color. Yellow is 3rd chakra’s beat. It’s  the home of strength, temperance, progressive interpersonal dynamics, and positive self-perception.

So, why are there only 5 out of 55 who found themselves with these as a color. Where’d everybody go?

We have quite a few lemon-limes in the mix. So, assuming these are yellows who are just trending towards green- (i.e., experiencing power via love and compassion), our yellow numbers aren’t so far off.

We have a lot of reds this year, but few of them have any orange in them.

I get that our sample size is small.  55 divided by 7 billion garners you this situation: samplesize


Still, I’m puzzled. Where’s the orange?

It seems to me that much of the switch this year is towards reds and inky blue-black.

Reds are about safety, survival, family, inner knowing and abundance.  Inky blue-black is wisdom and dynamic change.

Without creativity and newness, I get the feeling that the dynamic changes are happening to us, not by us. And of course, that’s a little frightening, right?

Perhaps, those who are encountering red years or inky blue-black years are coming off of an orange year? The creativity and intimacy of last year is causing the changes and abundance of this year. This is a pattern that I’ve seen before. I’d love to hear from you if you feel like this is what’s happening to you.

For all, the lesson is this:

We can make things happen. We can let things happen. Both action and allowing have their parts.  Listening to know when to create and when to allow change is a vital skill!

I encourage you, whether your color is red or blue or yellow or green, to bring in a little goddess to your year.

Nearly every circumstance can use some support from the 2nd chakra, and all of the spiritual good attached to it.

Bring in the Orange Goddess 

Consider one of these colors from the Spakona palette (Cinnamon, Bird of Paradise, and Blaze orange are all available as prints and other things on

The Entire Spakona Palette is launching on soon.


birdofparadise blazeorange caramel cinnamon pumpkin tangerine


Should you roll with some yellow, too?

Well, if you’re called, do it. I am way more concerned about the lack of orange.

How do you know if you are being called to bring a color into your life?

I look for the intensity of my response.  If I love it or hate it, that’s a sign that I need it in my  life.

If you hate it, just use it a little bit.

One little stripe on a t-shirt. The elastic on your underwear.  It doesn’t have to be a whole wall in your house.

Here’s a little yellow from the Spakona Palette.

buttercup IRIS mustard semolina


Onto the readings…

Today, I’m reading for Julie, Lana, Viviane, Carey and Rachel!



Julie wrote-

My color is Yellow! A beautiful goldenrod yellow.

Oh, and my donation was to Project Avary – a nonprofit that supports children of incarcerated parents with summer camp and other systems.

Julie’s reading: 

Everything seems to be coming to a single point. Every thread from your past, every way to view the world, every detail- all of those old friends we call emotions, they’re coming together.

And it will feel like too much. It will feel like your vessel is so full.

You will be asked to allow more power to flow through you than ever before.

This is for your own good.

Don’t worry too much about what you need to do for others. Concentrate instead on how your power and creative energy can serve you.

You and I are both people who loathe selfish behavior. I know. And we both wish that spiritual development didn’t stop at personal power (like it seems to for so many in our space).

So when I say, Do for You, I mean it.

Your creativity and your power are crucial to your very survival this year. And you will have plenty of both on hand.

When I look for you, I see you as a little girl, swimming in the ocean. You are trying so hard. You want to do your best. You want to please.

You don’t need to try so hard. You just need to be smart with your creativity and power and do enough. You need to look for the point where you can say, “That’s enough for today.” and then set up for tomorrow, and do tomorrow.  Piece your way through 2015 and you will be great.

I can’t wait to be with you this year, and to be here for you, too.




Carey wrote:

My color is Canary Yellow. :)
I donated to S.M.A.R.T. Thanks! This is so much fun!

Carey’s reading:

This is a pure expression of power.

You’re in for a shiny, powerful year.

It’s got something to do with your work. Shining out at work.

People are going to see your power before you do, so it’s important to act from a place of strength, even if you don’t yet perceive that you are there.  Other people will see it before you do.

There is some corporate yuck/team dynamics where you work. And they weigh on you. That’s what happens when you put fragile people in stringent, weird systems. Don’t worry too much about it.

Instead, It’s vital that you make your work about the work. A gorgeous yolk yellow year is sometimes wasted on lessons about ego.  Try to side-step that business, and work on your own positive self-perception. Go in strong and shine bright, Carey! You’ve got this!




Lana wrote:

I donated.

My color is #FCF416 or what I call Minion Yellow.

Blessings and Happy New Year, y’all!

Lana’s Reading

Whoa! Another Bright Yellow. I love those minions.

Yours has a touch of green to it. So there’s a little bit of love in your power. Let’s let that love shade your powerful actions.

This is the year where you find out, once and for all, that size doesn’t matter. Your great joy over something small- it’s still a great joy. Your great joy over something large- it’s a great joy too.

This color is about a kind of joy that comes with perceiving the powerful good in the world and being part of it. Stay curious.

Be real with what you feel. If you don’t feel joyful, don’t fake it until it comes back. Feel the other stuff too.

But don’t be surprised if you find yourself happily relating to flowers and children and all the blessed beings in the world. There’s lots to be joyful about.

And also, Lana- be good to your throat. Your throat needs your love. So where you can also have aqua, have aqua.




Viviane wrote:

Hi Bridget!

Wishing everyone a healthy wonderful 2015.

I will donate to a wonderful daily mindfulness poem project Love supporting creativity. And am donating to my local food bank and ARC, an organization that supports those of us with disabilities.

I love your Spakona guest house and hope to stay there someday when i visit Portland. Think I am already signed up, and will check on that.

The color that I received for this year is a bright yellow! Guess I’ll be experiencing some 3rd chakra energy this year.

Love that you are offering this again this year.


Viviane’s reading:

You are going to be drinking some lemonade this year. This fruity, powerful color points to fun. This year is a respite from other times. It’s going to stand out as a happy summer’s day of a year, where things from the past become useful.  You’ll have some nostalgia, plus much to look forward to!

So, if somebody handed you lemons, say, last year, here’s where you find a pound of sugar on your doorstep with a friendly note from a neighbor.  That’s pretty cool.


Rachel wrote:


 Good morning Bridget!
A friend of mine told me what my color was, but I wasn’t sure if she was on the spot, I didn’t get much with the process– so clicked on the link that you posted and through that I got the color she shared with me!
It’s Mango!

I also donated to!

Rachel’s reading:

I pulled this color straight from the middle of a mango. What a great color! It’s the color of ripening.

You’ve been building towards so much in your life, and this is the year when things really ripen. The window to make things really happen is here.

Things are ripe and you’re ready to call in the harvest. Get every bucket, basket and jar. Take every bit of content that you’ve created and make sure it’s available.

Make sure you are on everybody’s radar. Use a strategic set of speaking engagements, for example to get the word out.

And beyond your work- look to see what’s ripening in your personal life too. How are your relationships ripening? What’s ripe with your kids?

The harvest time is short, but powerful. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. I’m pretty excited for you, my dear!


Traveling between the throat and the heart


This year, we’re going to talk about colors a little differently. Usually we start at the 1st chakra and make our way upwards.

Reading through this year’s choices,  I noticed a few trends. The first trend that I want to share with you: the crossroads effect. Most people picked colors that are at the intersections of two colors.

Let’s explore what happens when colors intersect.  Let’s start with the blue-greens.

Aqua blue is the color of the throat chakra. This is the 5th of the 7 primary chakras.

Chakras go from dense to diffuse, from contractile and inward to expansive and outward.

The throat chakra is supposed to be on the diffuse, expansive side of the spectrum. It’s supposed to feel light and numinous.  However, the throat is such a tight place that our spiritual experiences here feel quite tangible.

It’s like carbonated soda. Put diffuse energy within the confines of a small spatial experience and it feels real. It feels like it’s happening to us, body and soul, right now. 

Have you ever choked on your words? That’s what I’m talking about.

The throat chakra takes the diffuse information received from 6th chakra (the third eye), and turns it into content that the heart can understand.

The 5th chakra integrates intuitive information with observed information. It helps us listen and focus. It helps us speak our truth; from our heart and from our guts.

The 4th chakra is located directly below the throat chakra, from collarbone to sternum. The heart chakra’s traditional color is green. This chakra is all about love and compassion. It helps us feel our feelings and communicate compassion to others. It’s the home of joy and grief.

If your color is a teal, or an aqua, you’re traveling on the road between your throat and your heart. This requires courage and clarity.


Now, quickly, let’s talk about light/dark and bright/muted.

The intensity of the color speaks to the related experience.

Light colors have a less intense experience than dark colors.

Dark colors are absorbing the experience, so dark is dense with the intense.

Bright colors have a searing intensity experience.

Muted colors are quiet. They provide a less intense experience, but with that lack of intensity comes a lack of clarity. With muted colors come nuance and confusion.


So- look at these lovely blue-greens

What can you tell about the experiences ahead for each person, just from the information I’ve shared so far?



Remember our key words:

Aqua blue- communication and synthesization

Green- love and compassion

Bright- Searing intensity

Muted- Subtle, nuanced experience (may feel cloudy)

Dark- Dense intensity

Light- Diffuse, light intensity


Okay! Onto the readings!

Today, I’m reading for : Tanya, Amy, Lana, Thekla, Deborah, Lauren, Bri, Iona and Bridget







Tanya wrote:

Totally not sure what to make of this…but:

Reminds me of a prom dress…

PS – we sent a birthday donation to our World Vision child and ramped up our Kiva lending $$ today. Thank you, B. You’re pure heart. xx


Tanya’s Reading

This color is super-sexy. You mentioned prom dress and I’m thinking, “Off Like a Prom Dress”.  When this color turns up, it’s a reminder to refocus your energy on your voice. This is the color of deep, meaningful, life-changing communication and you are that communicator.

This is the color of pure attraction. This is smoldery, sexy, never raw, but smooth. Scratch that, this color isn’t smooth. It’s SMOOVE. Your word of the year should be SMOOVE.

See, you’re thinking that you’re having a yellow-green time of things, with a dash of dark red thrown in. Ah, let me translate. You’re thinking that you’re dealing with power and compassion, with a dash of security and abundance in the mix.  You’re not.  You’ve got power. You’ve got heart. You’ve got security and abundance.

What you’ve been lacking is the ability to communicate your gift. And well, honey, look what just arrived.

When you get a lesson that feels like a power lesson, or a safety lesson or a abundance/scarcity lesson, you have to look at it and say, What we have here is a failure to communicate.  Scratch that- NOT A FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE- AN OPPORTUNITY TO COMMUNICATE. 






Amy wrote:

My colour was a really beautiful deep jade green – Pantone 3298 –

And I’ve donated to The Maya Centre that supports women who have experienced severe trauma through domestic violence, abuse in childhood or overseas in war and conflict.

Amy’s Reading

I have a color in my Spakona palette that is similar to this color. It’s called Treeline. It means, “A thawing heart”.

Yours is less intense, and there’s more blue to it.  So, when I ask my guides about your color, the answer that I get is about exposure and direction. So, a frozen heart is a heart that’s cut off from the world. It’s dormant. It’s just there, waiting in the ice, for a better day. That’s not where you are.

But, you have had many experiences where the intensity of your heart’s feelings have been so strong that you really want to turn the amplification down. So, you have put things in place to help you feel less. You’ve effectively sound-proofed your heart. Certainly that makes things easier to handle.

The urgent message for you is this: the universe is waiting for you to direct this energy outward. Don’t store it in your heart, direct it out. Do something with these feelings.

You are being called upon to express the deep-

To direct the energy of experience into the world to make things happen.

I see you barefoot (thus connected) on a rock (thus stable) with your wand out over the water.

You are not at the mercy of your emotions. They are your power. Don’t be afraid of what you feel. Don’t be afraid to express it. The universe needs your expression, and even more importantly, your direction.





Lana wrote:


I donated to Family Eldercare.

My color is Pantone 17-5638 TCX Vivid Green

Thanks, Bridget!

Lana’s reading

Do you know the music of Jane Siberry? When I first looked at your color, I could hear the song “The Vigil” floating into my consciousness.  I don’t know if or how it relates. But I love the questions it asks.

This color here. It’s the sharing of pure love. It’s the communication of love. And it’s allowing someone to love you. It’s allowing all the someones to love you in their way.

At it’s most expansive best, it’s chest-cracking joy. That’s my favorite part, anyway. I am sure there will be some of that.

And it’s also the bright side of grief. The sharing of pure love is a fleeting state. Because we are human. And limited. And because time keeps going.

When this color appears, it’s a reminder to be open to love, to be open to the loving experience.

We must allow ourselves to be open to it, even though loss is probable. Love is truly cumulative.  Unlike the stock market, love has a residual effect. You can’t lose everything with love. So, feel the feeling of fear and then let it go. and Love.

I feel a question of responsibility coming up. Whenever we love people, it’s easy to mix up what theirs and what’s ours, right? Some of this is inevitable, like the way we leave a few molecules behind when we hug a friend. But don’t ever doubt your loved ones ability to make things right for themselves. Don’t doubt their strength.  This is a color of a warrior. Not a martyr.




Thekla wrote:

Softly gleaming, translucent jade green. And I am donating to a redwood land conservation group :) Happy new year!

Thekla’s reading:

Thekla, I took this color from a picture of a jade necklace. I love the gleam and translucence!

Honey, I see you curved over, and your back is encased in ice.

And then I see you stand up and reach your arms out and all the ice breaks off.

Your 3rd chakra is so busy. I’m really surprised you got such a nice blue-green!

I fully expected a yellow to show up here. Hmm… let me look a little closer…

Thekla- I think this isn’t your color. I think this may be a color you seek. And I get it. I love this color.  And certainly it’s in your future. Just not quite yet.

Actually, you’re over here:


Mustard and Saffron.

Holy Hannah! Thekla!

This is the deepest 3rd chakra experience. This is a year where you’ll go deep into questions of power, and relationship, and self-perception and will.

Who are you?

Who are you becoming?

How are you to connect and relate to those in the world?

How does what you bring into the world resonate?

Who do you need to stop messing with you?

This is not a peaceful color.  It’s not a warring color, but there’s no passivity here. When I have a 3rd chakra year, it’s when all the walls get broken down. It’s when new ones form. It’s when life gives me a real sense of who I am and what I’m doing.

It’s a year for calling bullshit on anything that’s truly bullshit. Your senses are heightened. You have a clarity of vision and the power behind it to bring anything you want into the world.

This is a catalyst color. And when you are a catalyst for yourself, you attract all those who need a catalyst experience as well. It’s vital that you consciously decide who you’re going to help and who you’re not going to help. Don’t mix it up with just anybody. Those who are attracted to you, that you don’t want to help, will find their catalysting experience elsewhere. That’s the beauty of the universe, there’s always help somewhere.

This year is going to be challenging. And frustrating. But the sooner that you accept that you are a powerful being, and take on the role of being a powerful force in the universe (with intelligent energy use. Don’t martyr yourself, mind you), the easier it’s going to be to move forward and the less hitting your head against the wall you’ll do.

Divine source is asking you to step into your power. You’ll keep getting the lesson until you get the lesson, just with more ridiculous packaging. Almost laughably ridiculous packaging.

Regardless, you’re going to do well and be well. You are already doing well and being well.






Deborah wrote:

Here’s to a colorful 2015 filled with joy for us all!

I donated a gift of honeybees at:

My color is celadon jade. Pantone 15-6114 comes close to what’s calling me, and I find it amusing they named it hemlock. Not very life affirming that.

Deborah’s Reading

Imagine that you’re six. And you’re at a nice house in the country. And the adults are having a garden party. And there are twinkly lights in the trees. It’s late at night and you can hear murmurs and quiet laughter. You’re in your bed, in your room, and the moon is full and playing shadows on your wall.

And you can fall asleep without having to plan for tomorrow, without a thought or care.

This year is that kind of year. It’s a respite. A break from the movement. A quiet pause. Repose.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do with a year like this. We get concerned that we should be doing.

All of the training up to this point in your life- all of the listening to your own true heart- that’s going to come in handy.

Wake up to the loving details and spend your days as you wish.  It’s going to be a good year.




Lauren wrote:

I donated to Music on Main, a performing arts organization here in Vancouver. And… here’s my colour!

Totally took me by surprise. The colour of the Pacific Ocean on a warm, overcast day. So much more muted than I expected. I love it.

Lauren’s Reading

This year is slippery and elusive. It’s a fog year. It’s a “where did it go?” year. It’s a dream.

The vital thing to know, things are connecting under the surface, over and over again. Things are happening deep within you, of which you are barely aware.  That’s okay.

A few years ago, my partner and I were sailing up in the San Juans. We moored next to Doe Island, and went to sleep in the boat.

About 5 in the morning, as the sky was just starting to lighten, there was a huge resounding thump to the side of the boat.

We ran up onto the deck in a panic, in time to see an Orca breach the water about 15 feet away. The whale had been swimming along, and had bumped right into our boat.

No harm. Poor thing probably had a headache from that!

The ocean is full of mysterious things, most of them, not dangerous. Most of them, about as conscious as we are.

Don’t fight the peace.

This is a year to gently express your inward journey, to give voice to the fog. But it doesn’t have to make cognitive sense. Just heart sense. Just in the same way that a fog horn is saying something but it’s not using words.  Be aware of the inarticulate beauty of the unknowable. You are part of that.





Bri wrote:

I donated to:

My color is a seafoam green (333 c)

Thanks and Happy New Year!!

Bri’s reading:

Bri- Your color is pure 5th chakra. The universe is asking you to give voice to your essence.  It’s the year to give voice to you. To ask for what you want. To declare your philosophy. To connect through words.

You do so much for others. This year asks the question- “Could it be that your desires can move the whole world forward?”

Your desires aren’t selfish. They’re an investment for the world. The universe has invested in you, and your ability to be a good investment is to articulate who you are, what you’re about, what you know, and what you want.

Take care of your voice. Eat Ginger. Drink tea. Notice when you want to speak up and you don’t. Choke out your words when need be.

Bri- it’s okay to be afraid sometimes. But it’s not okay to let your fear run amok. Be a friend to your fear and speak up.  That’s good advice for all of us, eh?





Iona wrote:

My color is an aqua – am going to try find the panettone chip right now. Thank you for this lovely color party.. I’ve donated to Crisis at Christmas, London,UK with whom I also volunteer. something like this or even a bit paler….

Iona’s reading:

The throat chakra is the canary in the coal mine when it comes to good self-care. If you find yourself getting a sore throat, see where your boundaries aren’t clear and where your giving isn’t in balance.

This year is about you finally learning real self-care, doing it consistently and then seeing what rises out of it.

This is a cool blue, a pool blue-green.  It’s gentle. It’s a request that you be gentle with you, and that you learn real boundaries.

Divine source knows how you are kind to others. Divine source suggests that you also be a recipient of your kindness.

And also, even though you very easily see the good in people, don’t mistake potential for right-now reality, especially when it comes to family. If right-now reality gives you pause, that pause is important.

Be good to your throat, Iona. It will serve you well!





Ah! My own color reading.  This blue scares me. It’s so intense. It’s just sitting there. I feel like it needs to put some pants on. Know what I mean?

Bridget’s Reading:

Feel the eye-opening blessing. Share it with others. Feel it for yourself too.

You’re a conduit for good and right and mercy and love.

You don’t have to put everything in context. You simply have to be present to the truth that’s here.  Be neither worried of depletion or accumulation. Live simple and clean.

Don’t be afraid of the opportunity to be articulate. It’s going to be an abundant year.  There are messages all around you. Be aware.



This is one of my favorite days of the year! The day that we start Color of the Year. I get to see all of your colors and to see what’s in store for you for 2015!

The first 50 people who share their color of the year in my comments section get a free reading from me about the year ahead! Read more about that here.

Let’s see what my color is!

I thought I knew what my color was. I thought it was Sumac.


Sumac is darkest red-orange.

Deep. Sexy. Powerful. YES!

It’s not my color.

When I followed the process that I ask you to follow (see below), I got the brightest of turquoise blues.


It’s brightest Aquamarine. It means healing words.

It’s going to be a 5th chakra year, my friends.

Am I going to say healing words? Hear them for myself? Be witness to them?

5th chakra integrates intuitive information with observed information. It’s a hugely powerful force. I’m thinking about my clients and the experience that they have with me. It’s this integration at work.

Oddly, Aquamarine is a color that’s in the Spakona palette. It’s actually one that’s already been released as part of  my Spakona collection:


Out of all of the billions of colors, I get one that I already know. It’s like taking a plane across the country and running into your neighbor on the subway platform.

I am curious and nervous about this color. This is going to need some introspection.

Okay- you? What’s your color?




Use my little intuitive process (at the bottom of the page)  to identify your color for the year 2015


Yay! Share the Wealth!  You’re on the honor system.  When you post your color in the comments section today, please write I donated my $$.  If you want to say who you donated to, and include a link to your charity of choice, I would love that.


You’ll be one of the first to know about the Spakona Colors website, the new world of color that’s launching soon! You can sign up in the sidebar (under the Coming Soon Banner).


Post a picture or a description of the color (or tell me the pantone number or hex number) in the comments of this post. Also, please consider sharing your color on facebook or twitter or instagram or pinterest or your blog with a link to this post!   


I’ll take a look, tune in and tell you what I see about your 2015 ! Come back on January 6th to start seeing the results (It takes most of the month of January to intuit these. Each person’s color takes about 20 minutes to intuit and write.).  I do the colors in batches- all of the reds together, all of the blues, etc.

This is  limited to the first 50 people who post a comment on today’s post.




Take your time. Let the color show itself.  This is not about picking your color. It’s about seeing your color.

The Process:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath.

On your next deep, but comfortable breath, count how long your inhale lasts.

Make your exhale the same length.

This is not a contest for who has the biggest breath.  Just observe and count, don’t try to change it.

Do this breathing until you feel your body relax and your mind calm.

Then say my color for 2015 is…

And watch your color come forward in your mind’s eye.

This is the most accurate color for your year.

If you don’t get a color, try again.

As a last resort, you can also try this interesting test from ColourLovers: Color of the Year .

YAY! Here’s to a wonderful 2015!


Tomorrow at 9 am Pacific, I’ll share my Color of the Year. And I’ll ask you for yours. And the first 50 people who tell me their color will get a reading from me to help them make the most of 2015!





Use my little intuitive process (at the bottom of the page)  to identify your color for the year 2015


Yay! Share the Wealth!  You’re on the honor system.  When you post your color comment on January 3rd, please write I donated my $$.  If you want to say who you donated to, and include a link to your charity of choice, I would love that. And maybe other people will support your charity too.

3. Sign Up for the Spakona Guest List-

You’ll be one of the first to know about the Spakona Colors website, the new world of color that’s launching soon! You can sign up right over there to the right (under the Coming Soon Banner).


Post a picture or a description of the color (or tell me the pantone number or hex number) in the comments of my January 3rd Post. Also, share your color on facebook or twitter or instagram or pinterest or your blog with a link to the Color of the Year Page.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL JANUARY 3rd to share your color with others! Just don’t put it on here until then. 


I’ll take a look, tune in and tell you what I see about your 2015 ! Come back on January 6th to start seeing the results (It takes most of the month of January to intuit these. Each one takes about 20 minutes to write.).  I do the colors in batches- all of the reds together, all of the blues, etc.

This is  limited to the first 50 people who post a comment on the  January 3rd Post. 


Shenee wrote:


I donated to:

My color is vibrant orange!



Here’s my reading for Shenee:

What we’re afraid of- it’s what can teach us the most, in the smallest amount of time.  For you, what you’re afraid of, it’s an opportunity to be more you.  This color is deer hunting orange. BLAZE orange.  And people who wear it, they don’t get shot.  They wear it to not get shot.

Deer don’t usually wear this color.

Prey, as a rule, blend in.  They don’t wear blaze orange.

Predators do.  When we feel like prey, or we identify as prey (because really, most predators are awful, frightened bullies on the outside and empty on the inside), but we’re really NOT prey, it’s so hard.

Just in the same way that there can be ignoble prey, there can be a noble predator.  You can be someone who goes after things, who competes, who blows the competition away, who hunts and kills and eats, and loves it.  You can be all that, because you are all that, and you don’t need to be small, or fake big, or shiny, or anything that you don’t feel is true in the moment.

Look for when the opportunity to be a noble predator comes forward. And naturally be that. And don’t worry that you’re too big  (for your britches or otherwise).

You get to be everything you are. And it’s time for you to have the permission to go be, to naturally be. Give yourself that, please.


So- this is a pretty typical reading. If you want to read more from last year, just scroll through the blog a few pages. I hope that Shenee had a good year. I’m betting she did!




Take your time. Let the color show itself.  This is not about picking your color. It’s about seeing your color.

The Process:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath.

On your next deep, but comfortable breath, count how long your inhale lasts.

Make your exhale the same length.

This is not a contest for who has the biggest breath.  Just observe and count, don’t try to change it.

Do this breathing until you feel your body relax and your mind calm.

Then say my color for 2015 is…

And watch your color come forward in your mind’s eye.

This is the most accurate color for your year.

If you don’t get a color, try again.

As a last resort, you can also try this interesting test from ColourLovers: Color of the Year .


YAY! Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

The weather service expected 3-7 inches of snow on Mt. Hood, so we chose to drive home the long way, the day after Christmas.

Just after Tygh Valley, I saw the 300 foot windmills in the distance. The sky opened up and the ground dropped away in continuous furrows. It felt like the vision that started this year.

Here’s a little footage:

The Vision of Flying Colors

In December of 2013, I sussed out that my colors for 2014 would be a sandy brown and a sky blue. I saw the sand rolling away, and I felt the feeling of flying. I was in the blue skies. My colors were flying colors.


I posted this video to Facebook, and my friend Laura said- I like it! Vast amount of emptiness but yet so full of everythingness.


Yes. THIS! This describes my year!

I could spend the next 500 words describing the ups and downs, but really, what I want you to know is this- I have found my purpose and I have some ideas for you.

My purpose in life is to show you how much light and support you can tap into- how there are messages of support and profound information all around you- how you can say “No” to what’s not working, and “Yes” to what is.

I’m here to help you experience life here, in all its emptiness and all its everythingness.

I’m here to show you how to create supportive environments with supportive, meaningful color.

That’s it. I feel so freaking crystal clear on what I’m here to do. And so full of love for this past year and what it’s brought me.

evergreenSo- let’s get started!

We’re on the cusp of the 6th annual Color of the Year project (wherein I announce my Color of the Year/give you some direction on how to intuit yours/give free color of the year readings to the first 50 who turn up on January 3rd at 9 am Pacific time).


You Matter. 

Of Course.

You are a Statistical Miracle.

There have been roughly 560 generations since civilization began. That means that 560 times- in a row- two people found each other, made a baby and that baby lived to adulthood.  How many people didn’t find each other. Or didn’t make a baby. Or made babies that didn’t make it?  Quadrillions? There have been quadrillions of hypothetical babies, and only about 107 billion real ones.

Let that sink in.

Color is everywhere. Every color has a meaning. 

We are surrounded by messages of support and love and information all the time. We’re given hints about what’s next. We live and experience/express layers of meaning continuously, all around us. And one of these layers is color.

So, for example- GREEN- Greens are the color of Love and Compassion.

In the bleak mid-winter (which many of us are experiencing), there’s plenty of snow and grey skies and when the skies aren’t grey, there’s plenty of glare.

Ugh. It’s stark. We feel thrown into survival mode.

And yet, what stays green year-round? Evergreen trees!

A deep green reminds us that there’s deep love for us. That we aren’t abandoned in the cold. It reminds us to keep our hearts warm and open!




Find The Messages In Your Life

Go take a look at your instagram pictures (meaning- the ones that you took- not the ones that are in your feed (though that’s interesting too)).


Here’s mine-


My message is about Comfort, Intimacy, Love and Compassion.


Check out a Few of My Friends:


Crosby Noricks :


 Crosby’s Messages are about: Family, Power, Clarity and Love! 


Christa Gallopoulos :


 Christa’s messages are about: Intuition, Clarity and Wisdom, Compassion and Endlessness. 

Amanda Thomsen:


 Amanda is all- Family, Abundance, and LOVE (plus Ryan Gosling). 



What Does It Mean?

Here’s some very basic color meaning information:

Green- Love and Compassion

Pink- Intuition and Wordless Communication

Purple- Divine Connection, Communing with Collective Consciousness

Orange- Fertility, Intimacy and Creativity

Yellow- Power, Self-perception and Working and Playing with Others

Aqua- Speaking, Listening and Integrating the intuited with the observed

Sky blues- Clarity

Deep blues- Wisdom and Journeys

Red- Family, Tribe, Lineage, Safety, Luck, Abundance

Brown- Comfort and Nurturing, Growth

Black-  Dynamic Change

White- Endlessness

Go Check Yours Out (Or Your Facebook Pictures, or just look at your iphone pics).  And Share Your Message in the Comments, Won’t You? 

Come Back Tomorrow (For then, I will Share with You- the Color of the Year Process)

and then Come Back on Saturday, January 3rd- at 9 am PT (For that’s when the wheels start turning!).

pantonemarsalaWhen Pantone came out with their 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, last week, I was surprised at the dissonance.

It’s the color of dried blood.

Marsala is the color of the 1st chakra, the place of safety and family and tribe.  This is the place where you feel like the universe supports you, like you belong, like you’re an important part of something bigger than yourself.

Pantone calls the color Marsala- a unifying element-.

Is dried blood a unifying element?  Can it be? 

If we spill blood, can good come from it?

I’m reminded, as I write this, of Lysistrata, the Athenian play about a group of women who stop the Peloponneisan War by withholding sex from their warring husbands.

Women swear an oath to one another over a ceremonial bowl of wine.


The lead character, Lysistrata tells a magistrate that War will be a woman’s business now.

At the end of the play, the warriors are introduced to a sexy lady named “Reconciliation” who helps them overcome their differences.  And then everybody sings.

Women spill their own blood every month. By using the averages and doing a little math, I think I’ve spilled 4.5 gallons of the stuff since I hit puberty.

That’s like completely bleeding out every six years.

I’d say we’re the experts about what to do with blood.

I know so many men who could kill, gut and skin a deer but who can’t go down the feminine products aisle at Target.

If you fear my blood, but are perfectly willing to spill it (or another’s), why am I not in charge of you?

My blood gives life. Your spilling takes it away.

Is dried blood a unifying element? Can it be? 

In some cultures, women gathered in a red tent when it was their time to bleed. They were cared for and fussed over.

In some cultures, it’s a sin for a man to have sex with a woman who is menstruating.

In some cultures, being touched by menstrual blood renders you unclean.

Blood is sacred.

For most women, blood is pain. It’s a nuisance. It feels shameful. We can’t wear white.

If men saw blood as sacred, would they spill it?

If women saw blood as sacred, would be feel ashamed?

It’s sacred, is it not? It keeps us alive. We can give it to others to keep them alive.

It is one thing that we humans all have in common, along with breathing and beating hearts.

If this is our color of the year, can we please recognize its sacredness?

Blood has the grinding promise of red. The blood cells grind and flow through the vessels. They march to the beat of the heart. They have no choice.

They are like us.

Spilling blood is sacrilege.

This past week, I’ve been listening to From Revolutionary Lips by Amy Palko.  It’s the first edition of poetry from Red Thread Voices.

She has this gorgeous, insightful supportive poem called Wounds.

The audio is here. 


Grounding in the bowl
of my pelvis, feeling
the rub, that place of pain
and discomfort, that red raw
weeping wound bleeding
rust coloured tears…
She says stay with me.
She says stay with the discomfort.
She says stay with the pain.
Don’t try to escape it.
Don’t try to remove yourself, transcend
in any way from the experience
of this moment,
and the next,
and the next.
She says just be with.
She says just be with and receive
She says see –
This is where the light gets in.
And out.

You can buy your copy here. 


The Eric Garner grand jury refused to indict Daniel Pantaleo.ericgarner

My Facebook feed is full of people who aren’t talking about this.

From one lily white middle class educated person to another…

We have to recognize that THIS IS HAPPENING TO US.

This isn’t happening to black people, over there. This is happening to people in our country.

Stop shrugging and turning back to your life, especially you who consider yourself a person of faith.

If you’ve ever been to yoga, you need to do something about this.

If you’ve made a mandala, it’s time to come out of your white bubble and be part of the world again.

Be mindful of the fact that people in our country are dying at the hands of the very people who are here to protect us.

We means ME and YOU.

Confronting brutality is a spiritual issue.  It may be THE SPIRITUAL ISSUE.


Change won’t happen if only the disenfranchised complain. 

You, as a white person, have to care about our society as a whole.

Just because you don’t know what to do doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out.

Turning away means more innocent people die.

Turning away also means that more police officers are put in the untenable position of following policies that cause them to do harm that they don’t want to do.

The dominant culture has to change the dominant culture. You have to be part of that change.


We have to stop assuming that the experience of the dominant culture is the experience that everybody else is having.

Those of us who don’t fear the police don’t (completely, yet) understand those who do.

Those of us who don’t worry about how our kids will be treated don’t (completely, yet) understand why someone may be worried about theirs (especially if they’re in the same economic class that we are).

When that dipshit Lemony Snicket made a racist joke at the National Book Awards, white folks were (at best) embarrassed.  We weren’t, however, infuriated or ashamed or assaulted. Notice how Nikky Finney experienced it.

Our society isn’t just the parts that we experience. It’s all of it.

We have to see Systems at Work

Glenn Beck and Fox News will tell you that it’s not white officers killing black folks that are the problem. It’s black on black crime.

Both of these are problems!

What causes black on black crime?

The systemic destruction of black neighborhoods.

The systemic disenfranchisement of people of color.

The systemic underfunding of schools in poorer neighborhoods.

A systemically unjust justice system.

People need to recognize when they are part of a sick system, and what their own role is in changing that system.

We are all part of this system.


We have to understand that we are the products of a racist society and will therefore forever be confronting the racist parts of ourselves.

Not fun. But True.

Like when you feel really good for letting a person of color go ahead of you in traffic. What’s that? Oh yeah, racism.

We do better when we get better. Accept it.


We have to accept that this is complicated, and we will make mistakes.

That’s less bad than if we just stay home.



Need a place to start?

10 Simple Ways White People Can Step Up to Fight Everyday Racism

Educate yourself about the experiences of non-dominant culture.

Talk about your outrage. Share the experience of others.

Contact your local police department and ask about getting involved as a citizen. Also, ask about on-body cameras.

Give money to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the NAACP and/or The Southern Poverty Law Center 


Don’t stay home and plan your garden.




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