Welcome to the New Intuitive Bridge!

I’m really happy that you’re here. It’s good to be with you!

In 2015, I opened the Spakona Guest House.

Each space in the guest house was designed with specific colors to create supportive environments for work, play and relaxation.  Since we opened in May, about 250 people have stayed in the Spakona Guest House.  It’s a hit!

This experience- using color to support specific experiential outcomes- is exciting.

Color is not new. Color Theory has been around since Aristotle. Interior designers have used color to evoke experience since people had money to spend and neighbors to impress.

What’s different about The Intuitive Bridge?

This is the crossroads of color and intuition.

I see color as a medium to change outcome. I see it as a language through which God speaks.  Color is a subtle medium and a whispered language. It doesn’t have to be more than that.

Color is a way to connect with the world, and a way to break through existential angst.  I want to help when you find yourself in need of connection and when you’re feeling alone and like nothing matters.

Sometimes the way in- it’s as small as the yellow center on a white daisy.

The Intuitive Bridge- Color and Embodied Intuition. Ways to connect with one another.



Bridget Pilloud

Bridget Pilloud

Writer. Designer. Spakona Enthusiast. Guest House Gal. Pet Talker.

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