Many of us struggle with this chakra. It can be hard to be understood. It can be hard to understand. It can be really difficult to feel confident with your voice.

The throat chakra does so much, but it does all its work in a very small space on the body. Of course, the chakra is larger than the throat, but we experience it in such a small, narrow place.

When the throat chakra is working well, it’s easy to listen to others. It’s easy to speak out. You feel like communication is really no problem. It’s also easy to turn intuitive information into articulate understanding. That’s because the throat chakra synthesizes intuitive information with observed information.

The throat chakra responds to Aqua colors. You can also help the throat by listening to music, singing, treating your throat gently, drinking liquids and eating ginger.

Six Color of the Year participants chose an aqua color. If your color is aqua, check your email for a sweet aqua recipe!

PS-  If you think you chose an aqua, you might have chosen a blue (which can be very similar). The Blues are next.
amaliaAmalia chose Vibrant Aqua- writing-

Oh, Bridget, my favorite time of year. Thank you!
And I was so drawn to the Vibrant Aqua…integration of intuition with observation.

I donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’ve been quietly doing wonderful social justice work for a long time.

Amalia! I love this color for you. It makes me excited for your year. What a lovely time to really let your intuition kick in, and to be able to see your keen observation skills work in conjunction with your intuition. Relax and take your time as you bring these skills forward in your life.

For your Support Color, here’s one of the darkest aquas- Teal. Wear Teal when you want to feel your truth down to your bones and embody it.

For your Yes Color, I suggest Bird of Paradise. When you spy it, know that you have a clear perspective.

Much love to you!


Barbara chose Bright Sky, writing-

Hi Bridget!
I’m so happy! I love Color of The Year!
My color is a bright blue sky, like this: .
I donated to Akshaya Trust.

Thank you!!
Much love,
Bright Sky is a vibrant color for what can be a challenging year. The Bright Sky color arrives when we experience powerful change. This color raises you up as you feel all the changes happening. Change is, in the long run, good. In the moment, change can feel distressing, confusing, exhilarating. Any emotion can bubble up during a powerful change. They’re all okay.

I love your palette! I would love to see all of these colors on a pillow or a scarf or a pair of pajama pants!

For support, I give you Bordeaux. Wear Bordeaux when you want to feel safe in a time that feels vulnerable.

And your YES color, it’s Hachiya Persimmon. You’ll see it when you need to be reminded that divine energy has your back.

I have a lot of hope for you.


Jeanne- chose Beyond Blue- writing

Though it’s been great fun to let the color find me, I like choosing my own color this year, and Beyond Blue and I have selected each other and donated to The 70273 Project. Thank you for all the goodness you spill into the world, Sugar

Beyond Blue means “going beyond anything you can imagine”.  It’s another color that describes change. It requires you to have your eyes wide open!

Your support color is “Amaranth”. Wear it when you want to remember that what matters never fades.

And your Yes color is “Clover” (AGAIN, I KNOW! I was surprised when it came up for you)- You’ll see it when you’re being reminded to accept what is.

Have a wonderful year, Jeanne!


Mindy chose Beyond Blue, writing

My color is “beyond blue!””

Yay, it’s time again!

Made my donation to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline!

Mindy- I just feel like so much is going to open up for you, as you continue on with your important work and your amazing life.  Beyond Blue points to that.

To support you, I chose Bright Fog- a very vibrant silver grey. Wear it when you want to listen with great awareness.
And your Yes Color – it’s Coral. You’ll see it as a reminder to keep healthy boundaries.

And- I thought you might need a pip- a little color to wear and look for to keep you on-track and feeling good. That color is Aqua Vita- it’s a very green aqua, the colors of the throat chakra and the heart chakra. It means “Clarity and Comfort”. I wish you both as you go forth on your journey!

Natalya chose Bright Sky, writing

Thank you for this, Bridget. I donated to the Rainier Valley Food Bank here in Seattle, and the color I picked is Bright Sky.

Natalya- Bright Sky- Experiencing powerful change- it requires a clear voice- and a good ear. I am so happy that you have the ability to do both.

To support you- I offer you one of my favorite colors- Geranium Red- this orange-red represents strong feminine energy. Wear this color when you want to tap into yours.

And your yes- color- it’s Deep Grey- the eye of the storm. This color will appear to remind you that as things whirl around you, you are the cool calm wise eye in the center.


Toni chose Aquamarine. writing

I smiled when I chose a keyword and the color came up. And then I went deeper and chose another keyword, and the same color came up. Aquamarine it is! I’m donating to Planned Parenthood.


Using language to heal- it’s such a strong way to go. I love that you have found and are finding your voice, your language to not only put things right for you and your family, but for the greater community.

To support you, I give you Bamboo. Wear this very yellow green when you want to feel the life-force, how the world is teeming with life. This is useful to tap into your heart’s power.

And your Yes color- it’s deep violet.  You’ll see it to remind you that you have a deep connection to all that’s holy.