Blue doesn’t specifically support one chakra It supports all of them.  It’s up in the 7th (your crown). It’s hanging in the third, your belly. It vacations in your 2nd chakra (the sacral, sexy, creative part).  And it helps you in the 1st (your root chakra).

Blue is about wisdom, clarity and spiritual strength.

We had so many blues this year!

It makes sense after this election that we seek wisdom, and hope for clarity and a need to tap into our spiritual power. We need to tap into these. This is our time to be in there, be clear and aware and to articulate the way forward with force and might.

If your color is a blue, check you email, there’s a little something sweet of a recipe in there.


Angela chose Jay Blue.

Jay Blue means taking note of your spiritual power and purpose. In a post-election crisis, it’s easy to feel helpless, and to be distracted.

We are energetic power houses who are here to do something, even if the world around us doesn’t completely reflect this truth. We have to remember that we don’t need our truth mirrored. For women, it never really has been. And yet, it’s our work that makes things better.

To support your work, I give you Bark. Wear it when you want to feel safe and grounded.

And your YES color- it’s Brilliant Green. You’ll see it to remind you that you should bank on your emotional intelligence.

Here’s to a brilliant year!



Aubrey chose Sky Blue, writing- 

Before the color picker, I was thinking white jasmine, a little more muted than the white on the color picker. But, I might be feeling sky blue.

I will make a donation to Planned Parenthood.

Happy 2017, Bridget.


What a great color for you! Sky Blue- Clarity- things making themselves known. I hope and expect this to be a year where you find your voice and use it, going in a direction that feels amazing and right.

To support you on this journey- here’s Bamboo. Wear it when you want to feel the life-force, the teeming aspects of life all around us; the energy that feeds us.

Your Yes color- it’s Blueberry. When you see it, you’ll be reminded that hidden wonders are divine conversations. Small, tiny, hidden things or things lost and found are messages from divine energy that invite yoru response.

And- since you mentioned it- a pip. White Jasmine. White Jasmine is a slightly yellow white. It’s hard to get on screen, it’s certainly not as dark as this pip.  White with a little yellow is endlessness with power. Power is force working on matter. So to me, White Jasmine is Grace on Earth. When you see it, it’ll remind you that you are a spiritual being doing earthly work.

Hugs to Ursi!


Caitlin chose Bluebell, writing

I chose Bluebell ~ Being Grateful

I donated to Save the Children and I made a Kiva loan.

Thank you.

Caitlin- you are so welcome. I am so happy that you picked Bluebell. It is one of my favorite colors. This deep blue with a touch of purple is here for us to be grateful. Being grateful is the active version of the passive having gratitude. It’s the verb. What do you do when you’re grateful? How are you, in the world, when you are being grateful? And what does that do for you and for the space you inhabit and the people you touch?

To support you- here’s Porch Light. Wear this orangey-yellow when you want to feel at home in yourself.

And your Yes color- it’s Plum. Plum will turn up to help you feel the peace that passes all understanding. Being grateful is related to this, I think.

I hope this resonates with you!


Ellen chose Midnight-

My color is Midnight, connected to the word Wisdom. There were other words that I liked, but Wisdom felt like a word with roots. The older I get, the more I appreciate the wisdom that comes with experience.

As I posted earlier, my donation is for my students’ changemaking projects in our current unit. I can think of no better way to change the world than to invest in their vision.

Here’s the link to the color:

LOVE the way you’re doing this.

Her earlier post is great!

I am launching a changemaker unit with my middle schoolers that will culminate with individual kids or groups of kids creating their own change making projects in response to a problem they see and care about finding solutions for. I would like to make my donation to kids or groups that need supplies or cash to get things they need to succeed. I deeply want them to see their power in this world. They’re going to run their projects, collect data, create proposals, and bring their projects to our board, the PSA, the town council, or to agencies that have some power to help them expand or permanently use their ideas.

Does that count? I’m in for at least $50, more if they need it.

Are you the conduit of wisdom? Or are you here this year to receive a conduit of wisdom. You already have been the conduit of wisdom for your students, your peers, the world that we share, me and others. I think it’s time to run that conduit of wisdom not through you, but for you. I love what you put in the world.

To support you- I give you Berry. Wear it when you want to balance and move forward in your life.

And your YES color- Blue Chalcedony- this light soft blue will appear to help you feel calm and centered.

I can’t wait to hear where this takes you!


Heather chose Sky Blue

Hi Bridget! This is so awesome. My color is Sky Blue because I could really use some clarity. LOL. I donated to Gabe to the Rescue and Leave No Paws Behind, two of my favorite dog rescues.

Thank you so much!



Yes. Sky Blue. Yes. Clarity. I feel like Sky Blue is going to help you find the right question, and from the right question (or questions) the right answer for you, for now. What is the right question? It’s a difficult quandary, but one that you are suited to answer, because once you have it, a direction will be clear.. I know this sounds vague, but it’s not.

To support you, I give you charcoal. This deep bluey grey is here to remind you to be creative with your resources. By limiting ourselves to what we have, we get context and structure. We get a parameter. Start with an inventory, and then put different things together. What if this goes with this? What if this went with this all along? Creation is your way through.

And your Yes color- Pomegranate- you’ll see it when you need to trust your judgment.

Much love to you this year!


Jammi chose  Midnight, writing

My pick: Midnight, a conduit of wisdom

and all the accompanying whoas…..

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU for me!!!!!! I’m sooo excited!!!!

To touch the fire and awe of the world, it’s a thrilling thing. That connection. I get it. Bringing the conduit to us, but not through us, gives us some answers that we can forward along. Connection is so important to you. You have touched upon the singularity of being human. We all come in and leave alone. This is a truth that helps us hold connection in context. It helps us realize how important connection is. I love that you are going to get wisdom on this, and many other things this year.

Let me tell you- Your wisdom is not a bitter pill. It doesn’t need to be coated in anything for others to take it.

To support you- Deepest Orange- wear it to depend on your effortless ability to create growth.

And your Yes color is Mustard- you’ll see it to remind you to depend on true friendship.


Joy chose Jay Blue writing,

Tthanks for offering this to us! first timer here! here is my color: jay blue!

i’ve made a donation to Project Chimps.

Spiritual Power and Purpose- What is your spiritual purpose? I think you will draw deep on this question this year. It’s a beautiful question. It’s an honor to have a purpose.

Joy, whenever I see a picture of you, it feels like light is shining out of you. You are a radiant force.

Here’s a story-

One time, about 13 years ago,  my sweetheart and I were in this Harley-Davidson restaurant in Las Vegas. It was cheesy chrome and glass and motorcycles and maps of the open road. I don’t know why we chose that place. It was early afternoon. I think we were hung over.

We sat there and looked at a map of Kansas under the glass on the table in front of us.

The waitress walked up and said, “Are you going to order or what?”

That ‘Or What’ rung in my ears. It still does. It made me laugh at the time. “or what?” The impatience of it. The direction of it.

It makes me laugh this morning.

Joy- with your spiritual force, are you going to order? or What?  Are you going to give the universe some direction? It may need it.

Wow, writing this, has really helped me, this morning. I hope it’s helpful to you!

To support you- I give you Berry. Wear it when you want to balance and move forward.

And your Yes color is one of my favorites- it’s that bright yellow that you see in the middle of an iris. You’ll see it as a reminder to celebrate your gorgeous countenance.




Lana chose Gentian, writing

I’ve chosen Gentian, which is virtually the same color that I had last year. Hmmm…interesting!

I have donated to Family ElderCare.

This is one of the major highlights of my year! Thank you, Bridget!

Isn’t this an amazing color? This bright purple-blue of Gentian. We usually think of speaking truth to power as those being in power not being us. Let’s turn that on its head for a moment. The person in power is you.Berry

Certainly also, always there are others around us exhibiting power. You need your voice speaking your truth to you right now. Finding it is hard sometimes. It feels, I think, like you are facing an urgent blank page.

So, the best way to find your truth and speak it is to move your body. You can walk in contemplation. You can drive around and talk to yourself. The answers are in you, and they aren’t all bad.

Feeling the urge to speak truth to power that isn’t you- that’s good too.

To support you- I’m also giving you Berry. I am giving many of the blues  Berry as their support color. What’s that about? Blue is forceful and strong. It can really feel like it’s happening to us in a big way. Finding our balance again can feel tricky. Wear Berry when you want to balance and move forward. You’ll find the way.

And your YES color- it’s Aqua Vita- You’ll see it to remember that clarity and comfort is available to you, in your life.

Lauren-Miranda chose Blueberry, writing

Last year I had a gray-green color. I was healing from a lot of things. This year I knew I wanted some kind of vibrant blue color. Found it!

Thank you most abundantly…..

Whoops! I forgot to say that I donated to the Rainforest Action Network specifically to support the endangered orangutan habitat.


Blueberry. My dear, what a deep and rich experience a blueberry experience brings.

Sometimes I think about all the flowers in the forest that bloom without anybody seeing them. And maybe without any insect even finding them. They’re hidden. They’re wonders.  And then they fall apart and go to ground and reform. It can seem like a tragedy. But it’s not. It doesn’t matter. The flower mattered. The seeing and the utility, less so.

This is a conversation that the Divine is having with us.  It’s one of many.

I’m not sure that that’s the conversation that the divine is having with you. The point is that this year is about seeking and finding the hidden wonders- the divine conversations that are quietly waiting in boxes and hushed places and around corners and under bushes.

What will you find? Will you share it? Will you keep it, and ponder it in your heart?

To support you- I give you- soft lemon. To find the hidden wonders, you have to be in a place to see, and that requires a gentle love of self. Wear it when you need to remind yourself of that. I feel like you’re so good at that already. This is just an extra boost.

And your YES color- it’s Sugar Maple. You’ll see it when you need to be reminded to relish the sweetness of this season.



Mary chose Gentian, writing

Happy New Year, Bridget.

Love the new approach to picking a color this year — so much work went into the new tool, which is magic!

When I used the tool, I came up with Cerulean Blue. When I looked just at colors (all of them), I landed in Gentian. Then things shifted. I became drawn to the deeper colors, especially Summer Night, which greatly appeals, as a color and an intention. Gentian for the win (it resonates with the brooch, too).

I am donating to Martin de Porres House of Hospitality in San Francisco. Inspired by the Catholic Worker Movement, Martin’s is a free restaurant that has been serving those in need in SF for over 45 years. As it says on their website, it is “a place that shows what idealism looks like in practice”.

Thank you, Bridget, for sharing your gifts and your generosity of heart.


You have so much blue and aqua in your chart. I love how your year is going to shape up to be both powerful and magical.

Gentian- speaking truth to power. You are so articulate and wise, and such a good listener. You listen with your whole being. That’s been really good. What is it like, then, to speak? When we listen, we open a space that others get to inhabit. It’s time for you to inhabit a space in others. Wow, that sounds intense and maybe even a little predatory. Speaking a truth that is big to someone that needs to hear it, when that someone has (for better or worse) been entrusted with power, what does that require in us?

A lot.

It requires a lot of compassion and understanding (which you have in spades) and also some grit and traction (which is available to you). Wow- I’m excited to see what you bring.

To support you- Turquoise- for healing words- yours and others, for you to be healed by and for others to be healed by. I’m writing this while a cat climbs on my shoulder. Seems about right.

And your YES color- it’s Rose Red- Share your passion. It’s such a great corollary to Gentian. You’ll see it as a reminder.

And here’s a pip- that Summer Night- being in the magic. Wear this too. It’s your birthright.


Phyliss chose Bluebell, writing

Hi Bridget – I donated to SafePlace (women & children’s shelter) and my color is Bluebell.

Thanks 🙂

Phyliss- I hope I picked the right SafePlace to link to. Please tell me if I didn’t.

You have so much to be grateful for, and yet it’s hard to be grateful sometimes. We hold these things in balance- the fact that we are riding on a rock around the sun, with enough for everyone, but at the same time not everyone has enough.

We are spiritual beings put in a world of limitations. And yet- we are spiritual beings put in a world of limitations. We were chosen for a reason. We are given a lot. And some of what we are given is an understanding of what’s not here.

Being grateful for what is, it’s a powerful act, even when what is, is good.

Being grateful requires us to relax in the moment, to let go and feel..Feeling is hard for me. I am sensitive. Feeling often is too much. What I have found to be useful are two things – Moving (which my body once told me that it’s how it finds all the disparate parts, moving is a call and response between muscles and nerves) and wrapping myself up tight in a sheet (it’s a way to remind myself that I am all here) .

Is this helpful? I hope so.

To support you in this year of Being Grateful, here’s pomegranate. Wear it when you want to trust your judgment.

And your YES color, it’s Wood Violet. When you see this rare color, it’s a reminder that even in this earthly realm, the divine touches you.


Raven chose Gentian, writing

I donated to a local family who lost their house in a fire. I picked Gentian. Speaking Truth to power. Perfect fit.

Gentian is a perfect fit for you. You have a powerful, dynamic voice. I am really happy that you are feeling this power, that you are generating it, and also that power is flowing through you.

To support you- I give you Black. Wear it as a reminder that dynamic change is in your DNA. We are always changing. I know you’re not afraid of change right now You’re in it. That’s awesome.

and your YES color, it’s Move Red. When you see it, it’s a reminder to take notice, your energy rises.

Make hay while the sun shines, Raven!