Want to know more about Colors and Chakras?  Go here first: The Meaning of Color 

The heart chakra’s color is green.

This is the fourth chakra in our system. It’s home is from your sternum to your collarbone.

Your heart chakra takes up the biggest area in your body. It’s such an important chakra. It helps you understand the feelings of others. It helps you feel your feelings, which enables you to find clarity with any issue.

When your Color of the Year is green, you’re playing on the field of the heart chakra.  You’re learning and maturing about love and emotions.

There are 5 of us who picked green.

And if you picked green, look in your email, there’s a treat for you!



My Color of the Year!  I have a jacket this color. It makes me so happy, and when it came in the mail and I saw the color, I thought- THAT’s IT! That’s my color of the year!

Spring Shoots means- Noticing your New Growth- specifically this relates to heart’s growth.  My long-time partner and I married in December, and we’re entering a new time in our relationship. All three of our kids are in college, and it’s just the two of us and our dogs at home.  I want to pay attention to how things deepen and change, and honor that!

To support this- I’m adding Madrone- a deep orange that means fertile ground (no babies, universe, just new ideas please).  And my YES color- Crow- this deep grey means be independent.

I’m excited to see what happens!


JW chose Laurel, writing,

I picked laurel green/peace and prosperity. I feel blessed to have gained both of those this past year so I was hoping for something a little more exciting. However, I picked the color twice so must be something there.

I donated to Mercy Corps, specifically in response to their work in Syria and neighboring countries. (Perhaps world peace is part of the something there??)

JW- Laurel is an emotionally grounding color that helps you to relax into your abundance, and to work from a place of peace.  I’m so happy you picked this color.

To support you, I’m giving you Bougainvillea. Wear this vibrant pink when you want to tap into your quick and nimble, intuitive mind. JW- you are in your head a lot, let’s invite that intuition in there.

And your yes color- the sexy power of Valentine Pink.  Look for this pink when you want to be reminded of your awesome sexy power.

This year is your year, JW!

Laura chose Blue Hosta, writing Hi Bridget! I donated to Bread for the City, an organization that provides food, medical care, and other help to the poor here in the DC area. They are a wonderful organization. My color is Blue Hosta. And I love the lettering on your color titles! Stay warm out there —

Thanks Laura! It’s Mission Gothic from Lost Type Fonts.

People underestimate the power of being quiet. I feel like something is stirring within you that’s going to have significant and positive consequences. Being quiet will help bring that out. Being quiet and moving are necessary components for your life. You need to move to completely quiet your mind, and to allow your inner wisdom to come out.

To support you, I’m recommending Soft Chartreuse. Wear this bright light yellow-green when you want new growth in your heart.

And your yes color- it’s Milk Chocolate. This color will turn up to comfort you.


Ruby chose Treeline, writing

Looking forward to my first experience with the color of the year! I chose to continue supporting an organization called Bridge House which helps our local homeless community get back on their feet.The color that jumped out to me first was treeline. Many thanks!

Very best to all for this new year!

Ruby- I love Treeline. The thawing heart is a painful and necessary aspect of life. Anytime that a part of you comes back to life, your nerves respond to it. This usually registers as pain. It’s short-term, and not something to fear. And the outcome of a thawed heart is a feeling of warmth and expansion.

To support you, I recommend North Woods Dusk. This is the deepest navy, a color that appears in nature just after the sun has set.  Wear it when you want to get into a place of quiet and supportive observation.

And your YES color- it’s Soft Chartreuse.  This color will show up in your life to help you notice the new growth in your heart!


Simrat chose Prairie Grass, writing,

I saw all the colors and felt LOVE! I thought that I wanted a green. I looked at them and wasn’t sure if mine was there. I clicked on one and saw the meaning and said YES. Mine is Prairie Grass. And I donated to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Thank you, Bridget!

Simrat, Prairie Grass is one of my very favorite colors. What a gift to the world to spend a year in heart-centered focus!  We don’t know how our lives impact others. I suggest that you not discount the tiny, small, almost insignificant heart moments- receiving and giving them. These acts grow on their own, like seeds that you’ve planted.

To support you, I give you Caramel. Wear it when you want to be in loving relationship with your body. Body love makes the heart-centered focus possible!

And, your YES color is North Woods Dusk. This very dark navy will turn up to remind you to go deeply inward, and quietly observe the state of your heart.

Much love to you Simrat!