How gorgeous is grey?

How beautiful is black?

And how brave must you be to see one of them as your color of the year?

Very. Very brave. Because grey and black promise a busy year!

White is endlessness. Black is dynamic change. Grey is black and white together.

Where white and black have an almost supernatural quality to them, grey feels earthly. It feels like something we know. Grey is not flashy. Sometimes there’s a tint of purple or blue or red or green to it.

Grey, being a cross of endlessness and dynamic change,  being earthly- it’s the color of movement.

Grey shows up when you’ve outgrown your perception of self.

Grey is a we can’t go back so we must go forward color

With all that going on, how lovely is it that grey is a comfortable color? It’s a comfortable color for a sometimes uncomfortable time.  It’s here for you.  It’s here to remind you that the evolved you is ready to tackle whatever is coming your way.

Let’s see who picked grey and black!



Bright fog is a beautiful color.

It has an ironic meaning. It means stillness.  It’s the still awareness that happens when you feel sensitive on a cellular level. It’s a feeling where things could change at any moment, and yet, in the fog, this stillness lasts a long time.

So, if you find yourself wanting to do, but not having a direct path, or perhaps, pushing forward with great effort instead of ease, be still.

To support you, I give you Pale Mint. Pale Mint is a soothing color that asks you to simply feel.

Your Yes color, the color that you’ll see when you need support, when you need a YES- Midnight Blue.  Midnight blue means A Conduit of Wisdom.

Have a lovely and wise year, dear Karen!


This heather grey- it’s a combination of determination and pushing for your own space/making your voice heard.  Strong stands require a great understanding of self, because you want to be sure that you understand not only your worth but what you know to be true.

I almost picked a green support color, for heart, for love, for really getting in there with your feelings.

Instead, for your support color, I chose Jay Blue.  Jays are the animal totem that means Listen to your instincts. Pay attention to your intuition. Pay attention!   So, when you wear this color or have it in your space, it’s a constant reminder to tune into your instincts, of which you have many.

And your YES color- hachiya persimmon– a vibrant blend of 2nd chakra creativity and 3rd chakra strength. When you are out in the world, and you see this jammy red-orange, you’ll be reminded of how much divine energy supports you.  (By the way, my Spakona Guest House has a bookcase this color).

Here’s to a strong 2016, Heidi!


You are starting your year off bright and happy, and that’s lovely. Your color is just a touch darker than 50% grey, which is a color found right between white and black. It’s the ultimate neutral. This is the softest, most comforting grey. And while it can signal the relief after an ambivalent time, it can also signal the background for the year that can be anything you want.

It’s your choice what kind of year you’re going to have.  To quote Terminator 2 (the best terminator movie), there is no fate but what we make. 

To support you on this year of your own making, I give you Violet. Sometimes your violet will show up brighter than other times, so wear anything in this vibrant purple-blue color. Violet means Actively Trusting.  Trust is a verb, sister!

Your Yes Color is Green Ocean.  With it’s 4th chakra green and it’s 5th chakra aqua, it’s here to support and give voice to the deep yes you’re giving to your life and to the lives of those you love.

Much love to you Aubrey!


Holy Hannah, Angie- that is a dynamic color.  This is pretty close to the color I’m going to paint my house in Ridgefield. I’m painting my country house this color because I want it to recede into the green around it, to be the calming middle in a riot of colors.

I see you and the universe passing the ball back and forth. It’s not hot potato. It’s a rich sharing of creative life.  This can get tiring, because the universe is like playing with a really big dog.

You, who love color, need a calming core. You need that sense of homey calm that you can recede into when you want to stop paying attention and rest.  This color is that gift to you, and with it, a request that you make sure that your home is how you’d like it, free of the burden of things that no longer speak to you, and free of the people that aren’t your people.  Whatever space you can make that is your personal sanctuary, do so, with gentle care and attention. And when the world gets turned up a little too loud, remember, you can reach a state of repose whenever you’d like.

To this- I add a support color- Sumac.  Sumac is a deep orange-red. It’s the color of protection for 1st and 2nd chakra. Be aware of draining or toxic energy around you. Wear this color like a shield.  You are wise, and also compassionate. It’s time to remember that the best gift you can give someone is to let them figure it out for themselves.

Your yes color is Sky Blue, which means clarity.

I wonder if this reading sounds foreboding. It doesn’t need to be read that way. I’m excited about your year, not afraid. I like what’s coming your way.


I am so happy that you picked black. It’s the color of dynamic change, change with a lot of moving parts. It may seem, at times, where you’re not clear how the puzzle is going to fit back together, but it will. Change isn’t bad, just different, and these changes feel good and right and wanted.

For your support color, I give you Mackerel, which means fertile mind.  Wear it when you want to be nimble, quick, and rich with detail.

For your yes color, I was surprised to see butter yellow appear. Butter yellow is the color of gentle sunny power, of not taking things so seriously. I like that it’s here for you!

Happy 2016, Etsuko!


Dynamic change is the name of the game when it comes to the color black. It feels like you and the universe are playing ping pong, back and forth, sharing and connecting, and around you things are changing, almost effortlessly.  The time when we see change is often well after we’ve made the effort to make the change.  So it surprises us. Expect this dynamic change to be surprising, and yet remember that you have some control over it. It’s not so much a bucking bronco as it is a headstrong cat.

In my intuitive space, I immediately saw your support color, Spring Shoots. It’s the color of new growth. It’s the brightest yellow-green.

Your yes color is Amaranth. It means- What matters never fades.  It’s grounding, and wholesome. It’s nature’s reminder of the constants.

And I’m giving you a pip, which is Canary Yellow. It means, I will rise. 

I know that you will look back at this year and think, That was something.  I am really happy that you and are In Real Life friends.

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