Color of the Year Day Is Today!

Find your color of the year and tell me about it in the comments.

The comments section will close in 24 hours.  I am not limiting it to 50 this year (most years, I have).

On January 12th, I’ll give you a little information about your year- and then… And I’ll pick two colors more.

One will be your support color- a color that you can wear or have about you when you need strength- a color that complements your year’s story.

And one will be your YES color- a color that speaks to you when you need it.

How to Participate in Color of the Year 2016

Find your color

Use my intuitive process (at the bottom of the page)  to identify your color for the year 2016.

Donate to the charity of your choice

Yay! Share the Wealth!  You’re on the honor system.  When you post your color comment today, please write I donated my $$.  If you want to say who you donated to, and include a link to your charity of choice, I would love that. Others might be inspired to donate to your charity as well.

Share your color

Post a picture or a description of the color (or tell me the pantone number or hex number) in the comments of this post. Also, if you’d like, share your color on facebook or twitter or instagram or pinterest or your blog with a link to the Color of the Year Page.

Come back and read about your colors

I’ll tune in and tell you what I see about your 2016 ! Come back on January 12th to start seeing the results.  Remember, this year, instead of an in-depth read- you’ll get a few sentences about your color, plus two other colors to fill out your palette (a supporting color and a yes color).

Thank you so much for playing with me!

How to Find Your Color of the Year

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Take another deep breath.  On your next deep, but comfortable breath, count how long your inhale lasts.  Make your exhale the same length.

Continue your focused breathing until you feel your body relax and your mind calm.

Then say my color for 2016 is…

And watch your color come forward in your mind’s eye.

This is the most accurate color for your year.

Don’t fight your color.  It doesn’t have to be a color that you like or to which you’d be attracted.

If your color doesn’t come up for you via focused breathing, you can also try this interesting test from ColourLovers: Color of the Year .

Thank you for playing with me! Here’s to a beautiful 2016!

PLEASE NOTE: COLOR OF THE YEAR COMMENTS ARE CLOSED! If you didn’t make it in- I’m sorry. Come back anyway on January 12th. And see what we have in store for you, vis-a-vis your color!