“I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some small way, if only in one small corner of the world, amoungst the men and women I love, then I shall count myself blessed and blessed and blessed, and the work goes on.” – William Morris

Please note: The Bureau of Kind Objects is closed. We’ll pop it back up in November 2017.

Introducing- The Bureau of Kind Objects


What is a kind object, you ask?

It’s an object that, through time and location, has been imbued with good, supportive energy. As a perpetual vintage shopper, I pick up and put down things, feeling their energy and buy things that feel really good.

These days, it feels like everyone needs something kind.

I announce the opening of the Bureau of Kind Objects!

I have gathered many kind objects and I would like to match the kind object to the person who would most benefit from the unique spiritual energy of that object.

I wish I had the deepest of pockets and could just send them out into the world. I can’t do that for everybody (though see below for the EKO (emergency kind object) program).

You pay for a kind object, I send you one.

Whether you want to pay $5 or $250 (or various points in-between), I have an object that’s got the specific kind energy that you may need.

Your object will be specifically chosen for you from my vast collection of kind objects. It will come with a tag that explains the origin, age and kind nature of the object. It will also come with directions for using the object.

If I do not have an object that is the right fit for you, I will seek it out.

Some notes about kind objects:

The objects are vintage or handmade.

They are wearable, or functional or, on rare occasions, art.

Your object could be a trinket or a talisman, or a bowl, or a tea cup, or a spoon. It could be something entirely different.

A $5 object will fit in your pocket.

The price of the object doesn’t make it more spiritual. An object with a higher price point may be more rare or just cost more to acquire.

Please note: There is no return/refund for the object (but if it arrives broken, please let me know).

If you live in the US, postage is included in the cost of the kind item. International items may incur a postage charge. It will be exactly what the postage costs me.  For example, most $5 objects cost about $9.50 to mail to Canada (meaning, your total for a $5 is $15ish).  It’s $13.50 to the UK.


Gift Orders-
You can also send a kind object to a friend.  Just pay for the kind object and send me an email telling me what to do. My email address is bp@bridgetpilloud.com .
Emergency Kind Objects
If you are in a very bad financial situation, and need a kind object, but can’t pay for one, please send an email to me at bp@bridgetpilloud.com .

The BuKO is a Short-term Thing

The Bureau of Kind Objects will be open for four weeks, starting today. We will stop taking orders on December 13th. You can expect your item to arrive about 10 days after you order it!

Get Your Kind On

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