My Daily Morning Emergency and Why It is Business as Usual

19 May 2014 3 Comments

Freud would have a field day with me.  We’d do the potato sack race AND the 3-legged race.

So I have a personal question to ask you. (It’s rhetorical. You’re reading my site. Please do not email me a “Yes, usually” or “No…prunes please”. )

Are you Regular? 

This has a lot to do with your business.

Just a whole lot.

Up until recently, I was NOT regular.  Seriously backed up.  Like if someone told me I was full of shit, well, maybe, in a way, they were right.

So, now, due to a number of dietary changes, I am regular.

I am like clockwork.

And every morning, I think I might be dying.

Seriously. Every morning, I am like, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

This is just all new to me. This regular-ness.

But It’s normal. It’s business as usual. Nearly everybody does it every day.

There’s even a book about it:



Someone needs to talk to the writer of this book, because apples don’t poop.  If something is coming out of an apple, it is a worm.

You’d think an editor would have caught this.


My morning emergency is like your business.

Things happen in your business. Big things.  MOVEMENTS, even.

And you lose your little mind about it.

Oh my God I have to call a journalist. 

Oh my God, I need to write a sales page. 

Oh my God, I must balance my books.  Or forecast a quarter. 

Or figure out a product offering. 


Except, it’s not.

It’s business as usual.

The root of the word emergency is the latin word emergere, which means arise, bring to light.

When you must do something in your business, it’s because something needs to arise. Something needs to get out.

And your fear is just a response that your body is having.  It’s information, but probably unnecessary information.

Replace Oh My God with This is New.  And then see what happens.

You are not dying.

Why is this important?

Because you want to have flow in your business. You need to pay attention to the signals from your body and your intuition that say This is the Right Way Forward.  Running away from what seems scary leaves you without much to do, and frankly, feeling like you are full of shit.

The fear feeling is just the part of you that’s highly excitable, that is feeling the signal and interpreting it the only way it knows how.   So say, Thank you. And do it anyway.

It will, over time, become easy, and your fear signal will go on to worry about something else.

Here’s Some Help

Check this out! This cover works for everything!
















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Want more of this? Stay tuned. I am writing a sales page. Well, as soon as I get back from the bathroom.






  • Liz Scherer said:

    What? Are you writing the story of my life?!

  • Dr. Samantha said:

    perfect. pooping every day is a life changer. so is getting your shit done. xo

  • Lisa Sharp said:

    That is one powerful and funny reframe. Well done.

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