Want to know more about Colors and Chakras?  Go here first: The Meaning of Color 

The second chakra is a wild place: a vibrant creative room where all your senses come alive, where your fertility and sexuality shine. This is the place where you experience true intimacy.

When your second chakra is supported and working well,  you’re great at new ideas. You’re a creative tour de force. You notice the sights, sounds and feelings around you. You appreciate the smell of a fresh lemon, or the smell of dirt after a rain. And the sex, it’s great.

So, if your color of the year is orange, you’re in for a 2nd chakra kind of year – a year of working with your creative self, your intimate, sexual, sensual, beautiful new you.

We have seven Orange Color of the Year friends this year!

If your color of the year is an orange, check your mailbox- I sent you something sweet!


Andrea chose Deepest Orange, writing: I have donated to our local Hospice Society and my colour is Deepest Orange. My word this year is Embrace, and I am working with Hope and Magic.

Andrea! I am so excited by your color choice. I think you have it in you to do some amazing creative work this year. You need to get enough sleep, though. It’s vital that you rest so that you can focus. What i love about your creative work is that you will also find ways to support others through it.  I like that for you!

To support your work- here’s the color Zinnia. Zinnia means “New Ideas” . Wear it when you want to bring out the magic.
And your YES color- it’ll turn up to remind you that what matters never fades!



Carrie chose Spakona, writing:  Bridget, you’re the best. I went by colour and both RED CANNA and SPAKONA called to me (they’re so close yet distinct!). I donated to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps LGBT people escape state-sponsored violence.


Spakona coral is one of my favorite colors, ever. The word, Spakona is an Old Norse word that means Seer.  This color is about creating through seeing and connecting. What a beautiful, brave act this kind of creating is.

By seeing and connecting with what’s around you, you’re asking to be on intimate terms with the universe. This requires bravery. And when you can relax in that brave state, you bloom. Completely relaxed and completely intimate, completely brave- that’s all-out blooming.

I find this to be a step-by-step process, like getting into a complicated yoga asana. I find that muscle memory is important when you are standing out on the edge.

Your support color is Chocolate Brown- the color of belonging. Wear it when you need to feel safe and connected and belonging.

And your Yes color is Aqua Vita- look for it when you’re seeking clarity and comfort.

And – a pip- that’s red canna. When you are ready to bloom, wear it, or look for it!


Holli chose Pumpkin, writing:I donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center! And my color is pumpkin (from your swatches).

Holli- What a great color! What does it mean to be aware of life ripening around you?  What does it mean to be aware of your life ripening?
It’s amazing to feel it all come together. It’s frightening, because what comes after?
You are so creative and vibrant, Holli. And, you also have a cool resolve that’s an amazing decision-making tool. For support, I give you Deep Grey, the eye of the storm. You are that eye. When the world gets crazy, wear this color to stay cool and discerning. That chaos isn’t you. You just get to be in the middle of it (just like many of us this year, eh?).
And your yes color is Mackerel, a fertile mind. You’re so creative, Holli. I can’t wait to see you use it! This color will turn up to remind you.


Jessica chose Blaze orange, writing:  Hi Bridget, this was a lot of fun! Thanks for putting all of this together. What an incredible library! I was initially leaning towards “deepest orange”, but I decided to go with “blaze orange” as my color. Clarity of purpose sounds really good for 2017! I donated to One Love Pit Bull Foundation in AZ: http://www.oneloveaz.org/ Thanks and happy new year!

Jessica- you are so, on point, with your purpose. Daily, I see you making the world better, for people, for animals, for everyone. What I see you doing this year, is continuing to integrate your work and life so that everything you do supports your purpose. This is such a great color for you to have around you, supporting that second chakra.

So, when you are looking for direction, I give you the support color of Periwinkle. Use it when you want to trust the direction you’re being given by divine energy and the clues around you. Trust is a verb. Remember that.

And your YES color is Gentian. Speaking Truth to Power. Look for this color when you are ready to speak truth to power. Look for it, you’ll find it and then do it.
Bless you, Jessica! You’re wonderful!

Ruth’s color is Clementine! She wrote:  My color is clementine.  I gave to a family in need as the dad fell off a roof .. Thank you for this gift to give to discover more.

Ruth- Clementine is one of my favorite oranges. It’s lush and deep and textural. I love it so much that I’m considering it for my kitchen cabinets. Ruth, I feel like this is going to be a year that’s gentle and yet compelling for you, and I want you, through your work and creativity to connect with divine energy.

So, for a support color, I give you Sacred Blue, the color of divine answers. It’s a color that supports the 5th chakra, the throat, so it;s good for listening and speaking, specifically with all things holy, divine energy, God.  Wear this when you want answers!

And, your yes color is Blueberry.


Shelley chose Bird of Paradise, writing: My pick:  BIRD OF PARADISE | a clear perspective. Bridget, I’ve been making monthly donations to Public Television for a couple of years. Does that count?

Bird of paradise is such a great color.  A clear perspective is for the bravest of us. A life lived truly is a life well-lived. You can only live true if you see clear.
For a support color, I give you poppy pink, which is your psychic abilities moving fast and free. Wear this color with bird of paradise when you really want to be in charge of your intuitive powers. And your YES color, it’s PLUM, when you see this color, remember, that at any time, you can tap into the peace that passes all understanding.  This peace is available to you, at any time. You just need to look for it, and ask for it. It’s divine energies’ greatest gift for us.


Viviane chose Deepest Orange, writing  Hi Bridget, thanks for offering this again. I am donating to a program that offers clothing and shelter to those of us that are homeless. I was attracted to a couple of colors in the orange, green and yellow family and I am going to go with “deep orange” as my main color. Effortless creative growth. Sounds just like what i need and also interesting that the power and love colors were calling to me too.

Viviane I love that you picked this color. It’s a good color for you. I really want for your 2nd chakra to be strong and robust this year for you. This color is vital for your well-being. You should find something that’s this color and wear it every day. Everything that you can do to support your second chakra, please do.  The 2nd chakra loves to experience the following- via the physical body- water (hearing it, swimming in it, seeing it), color (all colors but especially orange), eating sweets, being nurtured (good self-care) and orgasm.

Your experience, from this, is divine conversation and effortless creation. You’ll relax and feel joy and abundance.

I feel like this is the year where things click together for you in a significant and beautiful way.

For support- I give you Bluebird, the color of gentle, honest and persistent communication.  Wear it when you really want to understand difficult people, and when you want to get your point across.

Your yes color is caramel. You’ll see it to remind yourself to love your body. It’s your vessel that makes everything happen.

I hope 2017 is amazing for you!