Want to know more about Colors and Chakras?  Go here first: The Meaning of Color 

I expected RED to be a big player this year.

It wasn’t.

Red is the color of the 1st chakra.

It’s the color of safety, family, tribe, inward visioning, the past, childhood, money and scarcity. 

Every last one of us faces 1st chakra challenges. Each of us needs a support system. We need a web of friends and food and self-care. We need to find everything that supports us.

Something that can support us- Color.

Color makes everything better.

Wearing red is a little way to do two things.

Wearing Red helps your 1st chakra to do the work it’s here to do.
Wearing Red reminds your  that you’re safe and loved and  in a universe that is fundamentally moving towards love and kindness and away from fear and scarcity.

Hey- if your color of the year is a red, check your mailbox- I sent you a little something!

For Color of the Year, 2017, five participants picked red.

If you picked red, I will now tell you what your year is going to be like, and give you two more colors- a support color (i.e. a color you can wear, in addition to your color of the year, to give you support) and a yes color, (i.e. a color to look for that tells you you’re on the right track).


Elizabeth chose Bordeaux, saying- My donation is monthly to a young woman in the Dominican Republic to support her health, housing and education. The color that chose me is Bordeaux, feeling safe in unsafe times. Love that.

Elizabeth- Find peace in your heart. You have a very strong backbone and you are wise. I know how irritating it is to deal with people who do not see your power and who distract you with petty limitations.  Don’t worry. You have this well in hand. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the energy you spend that’s outside of your goals. Don’t get tired.

For support, I give you Red Canna, the color of all-out blooming. It’s a good year to shine.
And when you need peace in your heart, look for a dark blue green. It’s a sign that it’s all right, keep going.

Elizabeth- I can’t wait to see where your year takes you. Please keep in touch!



Etsuko chose Cranberry, saying: I’m glad I still made it this year! Thank you for doing this again, Bridget! I donated a substantial amount to my single mother friend who is struggling financially. The color I picked based on keyword was Cranberry (a deep inward vision).

Etsuko, I love this color for you. Going deep within, in meditation and contemplation, it’s a great time of life for you to do so. The people need your wisdom.  Your year is going to present some challenges, mostly strategic and intellectual, nothing too hard on the heart.

To support you, I give you Cinnamon. It’s the color for directing your energies, for turning inward vision into outward acts.  And for your YES color, I give you Chocolate Brown, which when you see, will remind you that you belong.



Katie chose Brick Red, saying Hello Dear! Thank you for doing this!! I missed it last year and last year was quite poopy, so this year I want to be guided by colors through any potential muck. I donated to Street Roots and the color I was drawn to is either Brick Red or Chstnut Brown.

Kate- You have twin roots, one dipped in fear and one dipped in strength. Pay attention which you drink from.  Things are getting better and better for you. You don’t need an iron grip, but a light, balanced  hand and of course, depend on your sturdy balance.

For support, I give you Pale Jade- wear it when you want gentle harmony and balance.  For your YES color, I give you Lapis. This is going to be a year of new times and places, and this color reminds you that you are supported and eased in travel.

And here is a pip, drink from the root dipped in strength, and you’ll remain safe as houses. Here’s a little Chestnut Brown to remind you.



Kira chose Coral, saying:  I might be a little late here! But I got coral/keep healthy boundaries. I signed up for a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood of the columbia/willamette..

Kira- I love this color so much. It’s a good one for you. You are already so good at this. I think you teach a master class.

To support you, I give you Pomegranate. Wear it when you are ready to trust your own judgment and keep your wise counsel.

And, a bright, cheery Move Red is your YES color.  It will show up when it’s time for you to move and act. Take notice! Your energy rises!

And, my goodness, I hope you find many times to celebrate this year. Here’s a pip- Iris – Celebrate your gorgeous countenance!



Trish chose Ancestry Red, saying,  I donate money and a lot of my time to Signum University, an institution of higher education that is spearheading a change to the way that quality scholarship is made available to people who wish to pursue graduate studies. It is 100% virtual with top notch academics, and I donate a large part of my time to marketing and fundraising. In addition I donate money on a monthly basis. Ancestry Red for me!

Trish- Ancestry Red means “Recognize your great legacy”- which goes both way- the legacy from which you come and the legacy you’ve put forth by living. Both are significant. This is a good time to double-down on what matters to you.

For support, I give you- Bamboo- Feeling the life force. Wear it when you want to deeply connect to all that’s real.  And your YES color- it’s pumpkin, it’ll turn up to remind you of the richness of life, and how it ripens around you.  Much love to you Trish!


If you are a Color of the Year participant and your color is red, please look in your email, as I have sent you something sweet.  Everyone else will have to wait for this little gift. You get it first.