In previous years, I gave you a little intuitive process to find your color of the year. And then I told you what to expect.

And that was fun, and interesting. And probably useful.

But, I’ve been thinking about how helpless many of us feel right now. And how small I feel in light of the significant challenges we face.

What would it be like, if, instead of asking what your color of the year is, you chose one?

What if you CHOOSE a color to make 2017 your year?

What would that color be?

Certainly, you’d be putting your fate in your own hands, but honestly, isn’t that a great place for your fate to be?

I made you a color picker with 104 colors and their meanings.

You pick your color, donate to your favorite charity, and come back here and tell me both the color and that you donated.

You can pick by keyword or color swatch.

I will take your color and give you two more, a support color (that you can wear when you need some extra help) and a YES color (a color that, when you see it, you’ll know you’re on track). I will also tell you a little about your year ahead.  I share these in batches by color category.

Usually, I only take the first 50.

But I’m feeling lucky. So, I will take whoever shows up in the next 72 hours, donates to a charity and shares their color.  You have until Friday January 13th at 3:30 PM to donate to your charity of choice and share your color here with me.

(PS- There’s 104 colors in the color tool. But maybe your color isn’t there. That’s okay. There are billions of colors! Just tell me what it is. I have a system for sussing out the meaning of any color. )


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