We are starting Color of the Year, in earnest, on Monday, January 9th.

If you participated last year, I would love for you to go back to your color (just scroll down a bit, because I didn’t do much, site-wise this year), and reflect on your year, and see how it helped?

I hope you’ll participate this year.

As usual, the only cost for Color of the Year is whatever you choose to give to the charity of your choice.

My COLOR of the YEAR for 2016


is Rose Red, which means share your passion


Last year, if you’ll remember, I gave myself a support color of Wood Violet and a YES color of Aspen Yellow.

woodviolet aspen

Did I share my passion? YEP!

Did I share it with my readers? NOPE!

I married an awesome guy.


The living room of our guest house is bottle green. Green is the color of the heart chakra.

Our friends and family wore black (dynamic change) white (endlessness), cerulean blue (say what you mean), coral (keep healthy boundaries) and brick red (a strong foundation).

I would love to say Oh Yes, I planned these colors. I didn’t. It just sort of came together. I knew there’d be a lot of color at our wedding (because how could there NOT BE).

And it was an amazing day. We had a fantastic, passionate time.

Color Supports Us

Color supports us, even when we’re not thinking about it.

If you walk through a green woods, you are walking through love.

If you chop up a beet and get juice all over your hands, you’re getting a message of earthy acceptance. I believe this, wholeheartedly.

In years past, you’ve intuited your color, and I’ve told you about your year ahead.  You’ve looked for a message about what happens next.

This year, as our world faces some turbulent times, it’s easy to turn outside myself for answers.

And yet, we are the architects of our fate. The answer is us. 


So this year, for color of the year, I’m going to bring you through a different process, where you will choose your color of the year. You’re not going to ask to see your color. You’re going to pick your color, and thereby you’re going to pick your year. I have a sort of choose your own adventure color project that’s launching on Monday.

After you choose your color, I’m going to tell you about your year, and give you a support color and a YES color (the support color supports you, the YES color is a sign that things are going great).

My goal, this year, is to bring you color in new ways, year-round, divine-willing!


Could you look back at your Color of the Year from last year? And leave me a comment about your experience.

And if you’re new this year, could you think about your experiences with color this year? And please share if you’d like.

And then come back Monday. Make a donation to the charity or person of your choice, go through the process of picking your color, and then tell me about it in the comments of Monday’s post.

In the past, I’ve limited it to the first 50. This year, I’m taking everybody who shows up in the first 24 hours.

I know that 2017 is going to be an amazing year. I know it.

And I can’t wait to share it with you.

much love-