I’m sorry that I have been away, and not updating my color of the week. I’ve been offline for nearly six months.

My beloved dog, Olive, died in June.  She was ready to go. She was at peace with it.

I was a wreck.

The purple-greys of the rocks and shells on Eagle Island comforted (purple-greys are all about memory and change, and movement, and divine connection). The colors of the madrones spoke to a new future (the deep brown-orange means fertile ground), I didn’t feel like writing or sharing outside my little circle.

I tried to make sense of my pain.

And then, in late  July, I was in a boating accident, partially dislocating my knee, spraining my ankle, and breaking my big toe.  It was awful.

Now I’ve mostly recovered.


I am so concerned about the US election, and the state of Syria, I feel like it has all settled in my lungs.


When I am hurt and injured, I turn inward.  I turn to the people and places that I am close to.



What I find, is that, as the virtual world grows and gets louder,  the real world becomes more simple and more valuable.



While my vote feels tiny, it’s tangible.

So is dinner with my family.

I want less noise. And more touch.

When you look around your world, what is good? What do you cherish? What do you crave?  What color is it?

I want to know.  I want to hear about what is good in your world.  Will you tell me?