Welcome to the Color of the Week Project.
It’s May 16th, 2016.
This is Color #5.
It’s called Cloud Grey.


Now that you’ve met Cloud Grey, you can

LEARN: You can learn about Cloud Grey- see the picture and  my letter below.
LOOK: You can look for Cloud Grey in your everyday life.
SAVE: Right-click the picture, save the image to display on your phone/tablet.
WEAR: You can wear the color Cloud Grey to support the crown chakra and to pay attention to the fleeting nature of life!
SHARE: When you see the color- Cloud Grey-   take a picture and share it onInstagram,  or on the Intuitive Bridge Facebook Page.

The instagram hashtags are #Cloudgrey and #IBcolor.




Hey, It’s Bridget.

The Spakona Guest House kitchen is painted cloud grey and amaranth.  Cloud Grey (which means Moving quickly)– in the hopes that meals will come together fast and easy.  And Amaranth (which means- What matters never fades)  to fill plates with love and camaraderie

I feel keenly, right now, the quick feet of time. In a couple of weeks, my youngest will graduate from high school! The way time seems to work- so fast and so very slow at the same time, it’s not something I’ll ever really understand.

The only way to stop time is to place yourself in it; to be here, to pay attention and to recognize and enjoy the fleeting moments.

Tell me where you see cloud grey this week? And tell me what you’re enjoying as the time flies by, would you?