Welcome to the Color of the Week Project.
It’s May 9th, 2016.
This is Color #4.
It’s called Tangerine


Now that you’ve met Tangerine, you can

LEARN: You can learn about Tangerine see the picture and letter below.
LOOK: You can look for Tangerine in your everyday life.
SAVE: Right-click the picture, save the image to display on your phone/tablet.
WEAR: You can wear the color Tangerine to support the sacral chakra and to remember moments of pure creation!
SHARE: When you see the color- Tangerine-   take a picture and share it onInstagram,  or on the Intuitive Bridge Facebook Page.

The instagram hashtags are #Tangerine and #IBcolor.



Hey, It’s Bridget. 

Your sacral chakra, that spiritual powerhouse between your hipbones and belly button is the subject matter expert of creativity, fertility, sensuality and intimacy.

If you feel stuck in this spot- if you’re having trouble being close to your lover or you need a new idea, but can’t come up with one, or your creativity is stuck- your sacral chakra needs a little love.

Your chakras are here to help you. You can help your chakras. It’s a loving continuous circuit.

Tangerine is pure creation. It’s when creativity lets you transcend yourself.
Tangerine is there to help you be  in true concert with Divine Energy.
Tangerine says- It’s time to make your new idea happen. It’s time to not take yourself or your expectations too seriously, but instead,  just get in there and make it. 

Four more ways to love on your sacral chakra: 

1. Color- go to a knitting store and touch all the yarn. Break out those crayons and paints.
2. Water- listen to it, touch it, drink it.
3. Nurture- make yourself a good soup
4. Orgasm-  Nature’s stress reliever!

Let me know if Tangerine pops up for you this week.

Much Love!

Bridget Pilloud





Pictures courtesy of Kris,, joymichelle, Guillaume Baviere, OiMax, Orange County Archives, fdecomite  via creative commons licenses. 



The world around us is full of color.
Every color has a meaning.
And any color can be a message to us, helping us engage with the world, feel better, and do better.

Each Monday, I share a color and its meaning. I also share about the chakras that particular color supports.
I encourage you to pay attention and see which colors show up for you in your life.
If you see the color of the week, take a picture of it, and share it on Instagram or on the Intuitive Bridge facebook page!

As we find ourselves paying attention to color, we find a deep connection to the world around us. That’s my hope.

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