Welcome to the Color of the Week Project.
It’s May 2nd, 2016.
This is Color #3.
It’s called Rose Red.


Now that you’ve met Rose Red, you can

LEARN: You can learn about Rose Red see the picture and letter below.
LOOK: You can look for Rose Red in your everyday life.
SAVE: Right-click the picture, save the image to display on your phone/tablet.
WEAR: You can wear the color Rose Red to support the root, sacral and third eye chakras and to remind you to share your passion!
SHARE: When you see the color- Rose Red-   take a picture and share it onInstagram,  or on the Intuitive Bridge Facebook Page.

The instagram hashtags are #Rosered and #IBcolor.



Hello! It’s Bridget. 

Rose Red is my color of the year. I am here to share my passions.

Know what I’m passionate about?

I’m passionate about a kind world. I’m passionate about my partner and my kids. I’m passionate about dogs, good spaces, and from-scratch food. And Sailing.

I’m passionate about color- of course! And how we can use color to support our chakras, and to make the world a better place.

I share my passions in real life, mostly. A little bit online, but mostly in the real world.

Sharing passion takes confidence. It takes a willingness to take up the time of others. It takes a belief that what you’re sharing is valuable to the people with whom you are sharing your passion. It takes a willingness to connect; to be wrong; to learn; to teach; to listen.

Rose red supports the sacral chakra, the space between hip bones and belly button- the place of creation and intimacy. This chakra wants us to be brave and to let things go. To stand up for our passions, and to leave a little space for the passions of those we encounter.

I hope this week brings you much passion and much sharing, my friend!

Much Love!

Bridget Pilloud

PS- I’d love to hear about your experience! Feel free to send me an email- just click on my name.






The world around us is full of color.
Every color has a meaning.
And any color can be a message to us, helping us engage with the world, feel better, and do better.

Each Monday, I share a color and its meaning. I also share about the chakras that particular color supports.
I encourage you to pay attention and see which colors show up for you in your life.
If you see the color of the week, take a picture of it, and share it on Instagram or on the Intuitive Bridge facebook page!

As we find ourselves paying attention to color, we find a deep connection to the world around us. That’s my hope.


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