Welcome to the Color of the Week Project.
Here is the color for  the week beginning April 25th, 2016.
This is Color #2
It’s called Sacred Blue. 

Spakona Sacred Blue

Now that you’ve met Sacred Blue, you can

LEARN: You can learn about Sacred Blue see the picture and letter below.
LOOK: You can look for Sacred Blue in your everyday life.
SAVE: Right-click the picture, save the image to display on your phone/tablet.
WEAR: You can wear the color Sacred Blue to support the throat, third eye and crown chakras and to remind you of the divine answers available to you.
SHARE: When you see the color- Sacred Blue-   take a picture and share it on Instagram,  or on the Intuitive Bridge Facebook Page.

The instagram hashtags are #Sacredblue and #IBcolor.

Spakona Detailed Sacred Blue

Hi, It’s Bridget. 

Prince died on Thursday.
Friday found me on the verge of tears, all day.
I was in a fog. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t figure out how to make a corsage for my son’s prom date. Everything seemed hard.
It felt like Prince left us behind.

Friday, late morning- I was driving to the fish store and listening to When Doves Cry.

I saw a blue semi-truck driving in the other direction. I turned off the highway, and there it was again- the roof of Don and Jo’s drive-in- Sacred Blue– the color of St. Mary.  I took a picture of the roof, and lo and behold- the sky behind it was also Sacred Blue.

About Sacred Blue

Sacred Blue is a deep sky blue. It means Divine Answers.
Non-aqua blues from sky to midnight are associated with divinity and wisdom. They support the throat (5th), third eye (6th) and crown (7th) chakras.

In chakra short-hand:
the throat is for listening and speaking and integrating intuitive information with observed information;
the third eye is for intuition; and
the crown chakra is for collective consciousness and your relationship with the divine.

St. Mary is traditionally shown wearing a sacred blue veil. The veil covers her gently, like a comforting arm around her.

In Yoruba culture, blue is associated with the concept of Itutu. Itutu doesn’t translate easily into English. The closest word to it is Cool.  It’s a mystic peaceful state. It’s a beautiful feeling, where everything is copacetic.

When you are feeling alone, when you can’t even form a coherent question- look for Sacred Blue. It’s a sign that divine answers are available to you. If you pay attention and listen, gently, you’ll find the answers that you need. And the answers will comfort you.
At the fish store, I bought a pound of halibut. The people are really nice there.

As I drove home, I saw Sacred Blue two more times, on the back of a license plate and on the sign to my favorite nursery.
I was greatly cheered by each sighting.

Friday afternoon, I roasted the fish.  Then the dogs and the cat and I ate it all.

Much Love!

Bridget Pilloud

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Every color has a meaning.
And any color can be a message to us, helping us engage with the world, feel better, and do better.

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