Each chakra is a subject matter expert, focusing on a specific aspect of life, like love, power, or communication.

Each chakra has a resonant color, a color that resonates with the chakra, that makes it feel supported and happy.

Now we come to purples. Purple is the color of the Crown Chakra.

Purple = 7th Chakra = Collective Consciousness, Cosmic Connection, God, Outward Vision, The Big Picture

What does your crown chakra do? It connects you to God, to Divine Source, to that greater thing of which you are a part. The crown chakra helps with the big picture. It helps you to direct your vision outward. The crown chakra helps to answer questions like What is the meaning of life? And Why do I exist?

Here, in alphabetical order, are the purples:


A color that’s almost not a color, something on the edge of sight. And it’s a purple. What does this mean? Purple is divine energy. This color is a thin thread, something you could pull to unravel the veil between us and the other side. As a color of the year, it’s a sign that you will be continuously connected to the other side, to divine energy, to that which is bigger than yourself. Also, remember that this connection is small and simple, rather threadlike, something you may need to seek out.

To support you- I give you Deepest Chocolate. This is one of the most grounding, comforting colors, the color of home. With a ballast like this, you can reach great intuitive heights.

Your yes color is Rose Brown. It’s the color of intuition and memory, of rumination. I often see it in the edges of shells, lining mother of pearl.  Seek this color out as a reminder of your place in space and time.

You get two pips! Lime Green and Beyond Blue.  Lime Green is a bright brilliant color here to remind you to Open yourself up to Love in the Moment. And Beyond Blue tells you to Go Beyond where you are.

This is a stretching year, a year where you will come into your intuitive own. I’m so thrilled for you.


I’m really happy and grateful that you saw this color for your color of the year. It’s one of my favorites.

I’m wearing it today as I recover from last week’s emergency appendectomy. I’m wearing it to feel close to everyone. It’s the color of happy connection to others. It’s the color of collective consciousness.  In this year, allow yourself to be close to others. Seek connection.

To support you in this journey, I give you- Cloud Grey- Grey is the color of movement. And Cloud Grey means – To move quickly. I hope this color energizes you and brightens your experience.

And your yes color is Midnight. Midnight means- A Conduit of Wisdom. When you see this deepest blue, I hope you remember to connect with your wise self.

Have a lovely 2016 Carey!



I was so excited to see such a bright palette come forward for your 2016. Orchid is a soft purple that supports the 7th chakra. It’s divine grace. It’s hope. It’s peacefulness.

To support you, I saw Guazubira Granite.  This deep red-orange means Be Grounded. Wear it when you feel disconnected and anxious. It’s to help you feel the solid ground beneath you, so you can tap into the deep powerful earth energy.

And your yes color- this beautiful pinky red- it’s Geranium! It means Strong women make strong families.

You’ll have an interesting, good year of connecting, my dear!


You also have a bright palette for 2016!

Soft Iris is such a beautiful color. It’s similar to Purple Velvet, but it’s softer, more gentle, more personally aware. It is the color that’s about a personal connection to divine energy. It’s like a year of going out for coffee with God (or Goddess or however you name it). Divine energy is unknowable in its entirety but the best thing, I’ve found, is that Divine energy lends itself to be personally knowable, the perfect personal fit.  You just need to ask and listen.

To support you, I give you Blood Orange- this pinky orange color means- Seeing through Creating. When you need to have more information, I invite you to wear this color and paint, sculpt or draw- or put in a garden.  Through the act of creating, you’ll find yourself tuning into a great font of knowledge.

And your yes color- Poppy pink. This bright color is all about easy intuition. Look for this to see that you’re on the right track!

And, to ground you, and give you a voice- I give you a pip color: Fir green. Fir means Forthrightness.

I think your year is going to be fun and deep. That is my favorite life combination!


Ah! Another purple velvet! The color of happy connection.

Simrat, you are one of my role models when it comes to connecting. You connect through your art. You connect with your horses. You are creating this lovely place where others can connect.  To see this color come forward as your color, well, it’s a wonderful reminder to you to connect to everyone around you, happily.

To help you with all this connecting, I give you Blue Chalcedonythe color of the relaxed, centered breath.  In all this connecting, wear this color to help you stay in touch with yourself!

And, your yes color is Rose Red the color of Shared Passion!  When you see this color, you’ll be reminded of all that you’re meant to share.

Finally, a pip for you- Oyster. Oyster means Grit. It’s there for those days when you need a little extra to stay present and connected, when you need to dig deep.

Much love to you, Simrat!