woodvioletIn my palettes, I talk about support colors and yes colors.

A Support color is a color that you wear or have within view.

A support color helps the chakras to do the work that’s needed. It’s a visual reminder of a truth you’d like to remember. It’s a friend. It strengthens.

You don’t have to like the color. 

I for one, am not a fan of Wood Violet, which is my color of the year. I like it in nature, but in real life, it feels like Dora the Explorer should be wearing it, not me.   So I found a spatula in wood violet.  Also, I might be on the hunt for some wood violet underwear.  

But what if you didn’t do color of the year?

What if you don’t know what your official support color is, or what it means?  

That’s okay. In February, I will be publishing a definitive list of colors and their meanings.

In the interim, here is a short list of key words that could help you pick a color.

Wear red

if you want to feel safe, feel abundant, feel lucky, be grounded, understand your family, understand your past,  make sense of your ancestral stories.


Wear orange

if you want to live your purpose, be creative, be fertile, get things going, be intimate, be in contact with goddesses, start new projects.


Wear yellow

if you want to understand power, feel powerful, improve your self-perception, manage your life better, interact with other people better.


Wear green

if you want to feel your feelings, feel supported with your feelings, be in love, love others, understand grief, understand loneliness.


Wear aqua

if you want to listen well, speak well and integrate intuitive hunches with observed information.


Wear sky blue

for clarity.


Wear midnight blue

for wisdom.


Wear grey

to support you when you need to move on something.


Wear black

to help you handle change.


Wear pink

to help you tune in with your intuition and to connect with the world around you.


Wear purple

to connect with God, to feel grace, to connect with collective consciousness, to be part of something larger than yourself.


Wear white (white)

to experience endlessness.


Color is here to support you. It’s a tool for your evolution.  Be conscious of what’s around you! I’m sure it will help you feel good, on track and ready to do your thing.