Each chakra has a resonant color, a color that resonates with the chakra, that makes it feel supported and happy.

Each chakra is a subject matter expert, focusing on a specific aspect of life, like love, power, or communication.

To Wit:

Yellow = 3rd Chakra = the place of power, self-perception, self-management and interaction with others.


When you read that little list of 3rd chakra subject matter, did you feel a little ding in your head? Did you resonate with one word more than the others?

Let me tell you, everybody goes through a yellow time.

We move out of the inward view of the 1st chakra, and out of the one-on-one intimacy of the 2nd chakra. With the 3rd chakra, we move out into the world at large.

It’s a gift, yellow time. It’s a gift of evolution.

If yellow is your color of the year, this is the gift of a year of evolution.

Brown is a grounding color.  It doesn’t relate specifically to one chakra, but can appear in any of them. I’ve put them in with the yellows because I feel like most of these browns have a yellow narrative to them. If your brown appears here, expect more of a quiet, grounded evolutionary year.

In alphabetical order, I give you- the yellows and browns of 2016.


Holy cow, Alicia! What a powerful color!

You are being asked to channel power through your being. This channeling experience is mind-blowing. Also exhausting. You are powerful, in and of yourself, of course. Sometimes, though, we are asked to channel more energy through us, to make a difference in the world.

To support you in this amazing experience, I give you- Bright Sky– this will give you the language, the ability to hear and see and interpret the powerful experience.

And your yes color is Lapis. When you see this bright blue, it’s a sign of support while traveling as you wind through this year! This color also grounds and supports that 5th chakra.

Lady- I’m giving you a grounding pip with Red Trillium. Red Trillium means – Greatness grows from modest starts.  Size is misleading. This will give you a little bit of grounding, as well.

I can’t wait to see what happens, Alicia!


What a beautiful, yummy color. This is the color of body love, of loving your body, and of loving through your body.  This year, you will be asked to love your body and to use your body to love others. Notice how your body is an expression of power.  The deep tone of this honey points to comfort and softness.

To support you on this journey, I give you Deep Green Teal. Teal means Embody Truth. By adding more green and deepening the color, I’m hoping that this color helps you embody the deepest truths of your heart.

Your Yes Color is Seal. Since your color is an inward experience with a lot of outward expression (our bodies, they betray everything, don’t they?), I’m giving you Seal. Seal is a reminder that you are spiritually protected.

Have a beautiful, body-full year, Deborah!


I was so surprised that this is your color of the year. But then after more thought, it makes sense. It’s a different journey than I expected for you, but certainly not a bad one.

Like Deborah, your color story for 2016 is a narrative of the body. We’re taking body love. Body awareness. And more than anything, using your body, consciously, to enact change in your world.

To support you on this journey, I give you one of my favorite colors- Madrone. Madrone means Fertile Ground. It’s the color of grounded creation.

And, your yes color is Violet. Violet is the color of active trust. That’s the act of going out in the world, trying things and trusting outcomes!

Go Kristin! I know we are going to have many cups of coffee/tea/cocktails to discuss!


I love how your color showed up as a picture. And what a rich picture this is. Have you ever walked in a wheat field? I haven’t, but I’ve walked in prairie grass, taller than my head.  Grasses are noisy.  There are certainly patterns to the movement, but it feels erratic. Amber waves are a pale yellow-brown, a color that’s a little hard to pin down. This portends an experience with power that you might feel just at the edge of your senses.  It’s a reminder, also, that you can’t know your impact on the world. You can’t understand how much you impact others.  It’s more than you think. Remember to keep yourself open to understanding those around you. It will teach you so much. I see a field of amber waves, and I see abundance related to hard work.  But that might just be my Norwegian roots talking. To support you- I give you North Woods Dusk– a deep blue-grey that means Quiet Observation, Things Coming Clear. This color is a good friend to the 5th chakra and will help you in your sensing. And your Yes Color- Bordeaux– this grounding color is a reminder of life’s abundance! Much love to you- Moncia!


I love this color, Paulita. it’s going to turn up as a pip color for one of our Purple Color of the Year people.

This rich and quiet rose brown is the color of intuition and memory. I see this color often when I’m walking shorelines in the Puget Sound. This is the color of rumination, of taking stock.

To support you, I give you Porch Light. This color means- Being at Home in One’s Self.  It’s the comfort of a well-known shore.

And your yes color is Treeline. When one ruminates, one might bump up against the frozen parts of the heart. When you see this color, you’ll know you are thawing.

Here’s hoping for a brilliant year, Paulita!


Well, well! What a beautiful yellow!

When this turned up, I had to smile. This is such a clean color. I feel like all of the layers of obfuscation that you’ve had about yourself are going to just disappear like frost on a car’s windshield. This is an invitation to shine bright and to be nimble.

Just after Christmas, to take advantage of a bounty of citrus, I made lemon syrup. I made four different recipes, and I found that the one that works best is one where you make a thick simple syrup with sugar and water and then add the lemon juice after it cools. It tasted like lemons.

I was reminded of this, when I saw your color. When you get the invitation to shine like this, it’s vital that you stay out of the heat. It’s a time to learn about not taking on the hues of others. It’s a time to not muddy the water.

Of course, this color means you have more capacity should you decide to muddy the water, but really, it’s so rare to be given the gift of this kind of year. I suggest that you try to keep healthy boundaries.

To support you, I give you- Pomegranate. This color is a deep purple-red that supports both the root and the crown chakra. It will provide you a good grounding, yet intuitive experience.

And, your yes color, the color that helps you know that you’re on track- it’s wild green. It’s the color of a wild heart.

Enjoy the party, Raven!


When I saw that you also picked this Canary yellow, I thought, Oh that’s fitting.

But, if you had asked me what your color was, and I were to speculate, but not actually look, I would have thought one of the pretty orange pinks, or the deep blue-greens.  It’s a good color, a real reminder of the buoyancy of your life.  It’s the color that’s both a big yes and a big no, right? It’s a WTF color, an oh sweet Christ! color.

We committed to riding around on a blue rock at a thousand miles per hour. We’re crazy. Humanity is crazy. And smart. And brilliant. And enduring.

To support you- I give you Oxblood Red. It’s the color of deep personal strength, a reminder of your solid rock self.

And your yes- I was happy to see Hachiya Persimmon, which means creativity, strength and divine support/ interaction.

And, in case you need it-  a couple of pips- Plum– for the peace that passes all understanding.  And Ancestry Redto recognize where you’re from and the legacy of which you are a part.

Much love to you, T!


Your color pattern made me tear up this morning. It’s so lovely.

This soft lemon color is a gentle acceptance of the personal self. I am so happy that it appeared for you, because it also means that you have an opportunity to give to others, in a proportion that keeps you whole. This color is a sign of saying Yes to every aspect of self- yes to body, yes to mind, yes to spirit. This is a year that will require you to be gentle. That’s good.

To support you- I am giving you a similar color- Semolina. This color means successful self-management. Wear this when you have a full schedule and need your executive functions to fire.

And your yes color is Connect Blue. When you have the gift of understanding yourself, it puts you in the perfect position to connect, accept and understand others.

Veronica, have a wonderful year!

Yellow is such a supportive color. I wish more people liked it. If you have conflict with a color, it may be a sign that you need to support the related chakra. It’s one of those ironic things, like being attracted to the exactly wrong person or allergic to the food you love the most.

Next Up: The Greens