Each chakra has a resonant color, a color that resonates with the chakra, that makes it feel supported and happy.

Each chakra is a subject matter expert, helping us in certain areas of life’s circumstances.

To wit:

Orange  =  2nd chakra  =  creativity, fertility, intimacy


Pink  =  6th chakra  =  intuition


Red  =  Safety, Family, Tribe, Inward Visioning, The Past, Childhood, Money, Scarcity/Abundance


The 2nd and 6th chakras are buddies. Their subject matter correlates closely. So when you see an orange, there’s often a pink waiting in the wings, and vice versa.

I am surprised that there was only one red this year. In general, it feels like we’ve hammered out our survival and scarcity dramas and are on to more creative and heart-ful things.

In alphabetical order, I give you- the oranges and pinks and the one red of 2016.


In Jordan, you’ll find Petra, a rose-red city half as old as time*. It’s exactly this color pink. The city was hidden from most of the world until 1812.

Sometimes, as you turn something over and over in your head, you find the hidden meaning, a hidden wonder. This color is a sign that this year, by spending time in gentle contemplation, you’ll find the hidden wonders, the subtle meanings in your life.

This gentle color has a vibrant heart, like a coal when you blow on it.

To support you, I’m giving you Blue Hosta. The muted blue-green means quiet rejuvenation. It represents the quiet part of the heart chakra and the listening part of the throat chakra.

And your yes color, the color that tells you you’re on the right track- is Pomegranate, a deep purple-red that supports both the root and the crown chakra. This is one of the most grounding, yet vibrant colors you’ll find.

Enjoy the subtle mysteries, Alannah!


This Poppy pink is so gorgeous, Alison! What a vibrant color!

Pink is the color that supports the 6th chakra.

Sometimes, I have these moments where my psychic powers are flying so fast and easy, I feel like I can see everything. Information flows out of me like a fast river. That’s this color pink.  This year, you’ll have your psychic powers on speed-dial!

To support you, I give you Canvas. Canvas is the color of inventive curiosity, so you can take your psychic abilities and apply them to interesting projects.

And then, your yes color is Brilliant Green the 4th chakra supporter that’s the sign of emotional intelligence.

Remember, your intuition is only as healthy as your mind and body, so keep everything in working order and your 2016 will be very interesting.


Pumpkin means ripening.  Your life is ripening. Usually, this applies to your professional life. Sometimes, when something you’ve wanted a long time starts to happen, the change is extra challenging.

So, to support you- I give you Grow Green. It means Emotional Growth and it’s to give you emotional support during positive change.

And your yes color is Fir. This deep green means Forthrightness.  It’s for when you need to put yourself out there.

Two other colors came forward. I’m calling them Pips! A pip is another color friend to wear or look for- your pips are Visionary Pink (seeing and being the vision) and Peony (visible progress).

You are a strategic powerhouse. I’m excited to see how this plays out!


Amy- your lush pink is gorgeous!

This year, you’ll be asked to rely on your hunches and intuitive understandings.  You’ll need to trust when you know something, and to learn not to worry so much when you just know something but can’t draw the line from A to B to C.

To support you on this journey, I give you Summer Nightthis deep blue color is the color of magic. It’s Abracadabra, the saying that could translate as- As I speak, I create.

And your yes color- it’s Zinnia- this bright yellow orange is a mix of 2nd chakra creativity and 3rd chakra power. It’s the sign of new ideas.

Have a magical, creative year, Amy!


I love your color. This bright mix of 2nd and 3rd chakra energy are going to make your year one exciting (and sometimes exhausting) time. Zinnia means New Ideas.

To this, I give you the grounding power of your support color- Brick Red.  Brick Red means A Strong Foundation.  This grounding color supports the 1st chakra, and will be a ballast for you when you work your creative powers.

And your yes color is one of my favorites- Lilac . Lilac means Grace. Lilac supports the 7th chakra. It’s a divine connection, a subtle sense of rest when you’re really busy.

Much love to you on your journey, Bri!


Sometimes, when I’m feeling really emotional, and my heart physically hurts, I take a big piece of rose quartz and hold it to my chest. It helps me breathe.  I do not mean to say that this is a year when you’ll need to hold rose quartz to your chest. I only mean to say that this color is powerful.

Your palest rose pink, while being traditionally a color that resonates with the 6th chakra, is a good friend to the 4th chakra as well.

It signals Heart’s Ease, the letting down of the defenses, a gentleness.

I give you the support color- Olive Green.  This yellow-green in mostly, also 4th chakra support, but with a good shot of 3rd chakra yellow. Olive means Grace through Good Works.

And your yes color-Bamboo. Bamboo is a reminder to feel that teeming life-force flowing through every living thing.


Variations of this color appear often this year, which makes me glad and grateful.  I’ve renamed your color Rose Vision. It is a version of rose quartz, and certainly means heart’s ease.

Also, though, for you, it means an integration of 4th and 6th chakra energy, a unique opportunity to direct your intuition with your heart energy.  This color offers you clarity, a clear-seeing of your heart, and a clear-seeing of the hearts of others.

I spent a long time figuring out what color would best support this! And so, I give you Pale Apricot. This is the color of deep intimacy. It’s the color that combines 2nd chakra orange with 6th chakra pink, yet somehow remains subtle.

And your yes color- Chestnut Brown.  I love this color!  This is to remind you that you are safe and protected.

I thought about adding some pip colors, extra colors to support you and remind you, but I feel like these would belie the truth that you are well-versed in these spaces of the heart, and wise.

Much love to you in 2016!


This color is all about intuitive flow, Esme. It’s about paying attention and staying in flow. It’s about resting in flow. This color is intuitive simplicity.

Sometimes this color is easy to live with. Sometimes this color pushes you, and pummels you around.

For support, I give you Doe Silver.  Doe Silver means Stillness.  Wear it to help you to pay careful intuitive attention, to allow the picture to come into focus.

And your yes color, Red Canna. It means All-Out Blooming. You know this feeling. It’s here for you.

Much love to you, Esme. This year is going to be a good one.


This bright orange is all about creating. It’s pure creation. It’s making things. And Jeanne, I know your hands are already so busy! It’ll be interesting to see how the added oomph of this gorgeous Tangerine will impact your work.

To support you, I give you Blue Chalcedonythe color of a relaxed, centered breath. Sometimes creativity morphs into frenzy. Here’s a little blue chalcedony to slow your roll, should you need it.

And your yes color (which I was a little surprised to see, but which will probably make perfect sense to you) is Clover. Clover is a reminder to Accept What Is. To have it appear as a Yes color- a YES KEEP GOING color, signals the relationship aspect of creativity.

Have a great 2016, Jeanne!


That is a yummy color. A sexy color. I can see Marilyn rocking an angora twin set in this color, can’t you?

So, when this color appears, it’s time to bring sexy back. And by sexy, I mean fierce, and smart and vulnerable and mysterious and intimate.  All that. This is the year of that.  It’s the year of DANG.  As in, Dang, look at her.

As you well know, this is a feeling that comes from inside. It’s not a feeling that’s given to you by others. It’s what you’re already bringing.

To support you, I give you Blueberry. Blueberry is a deep purple blue, a color of wisdom and divine conversation. It’s also a bit of a hidden wonder: the humble blueberry is an incredible food. This is such a powerful color. Wear it when you don’t feel like being underestimated.

And your Yes Color is Mountain Twilight, which means, Much is learned during the dark parts of the journey.  Remember, dark means inability to see, not ominous ending.

Let’s bring in some pips! Pips are colors that are supportive or yes, colors to wear or look for. Teal means Embody Truth.  And Spring Shoots means New Growth.

Lauren- raawr! Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings you!


I changed the color a bit, to reflect your description. I had my first glass of Bordeaux on my anniversary this year. It was deep and complex. It was amazing.

You are the only one who received a red color, and I don’t think you could pick a better one. What I love about this color is the brown in it. Brown is comfort and protection. It’s safety. So such a deep red with so much brown in it, it can only mean that you will experience safety in relationship to your first chakra.

The first chakra- the root chakra- it governs and supports- childhood, risk, money, family, tribe, inward visioning, the past, ancestors, beginnings. Bordeaux is the color of abundance.

To support you, I give you Bone. Wear Bone to give you structure, to remind you that divine energy has your back.

Your yes color- is Bluebell. Bluebell means gratitude. A grateful attitude helps to keep things in perspective. It will help you stay engaged with the world around you.

I hope you have a wonderful year, Lori!


This color reminds me of an old dress from the 1920’s. The muted mauve is a gentle numinous intuitive experience. Like others on this list, it is also a heart-easing color. I hope that it gives you a gentle, centered year.

To this color, I add your support color- which is Roots and Branches. This green means I am situated perfectly between heaven and earth. Wear this when you want that sense of just-right-ness.

And your yes color- it’s prairie grass green,  another 4th chakra color- it means heart-centered focus.

Enjoy 2016, dear Marian!


What an amazing, gorgeous color. It’s a deep, vibrant shade of orange. Such a fertile color.

I had a friend when I was younger who could plant a squash seed in the morning and have a sprout by late afternoon. This effortless ability to create growth is what your color is all about.

This color requires a vibrant counterpart, so I give you, for support, Bougainvillea. This is the color of a quick and nimble intuitive mind. Wear this color when you want to snap into your intuitive powers.

Your yes color is Aspen Yellow– which means, I will spring up. It’s the color of 3rd chakra personal power. I brought in this color because your other two colors have strong relationships. We never create or intuit in a vacuum. I want you to have a color that just references your own personal strength!

And also, with this riot of color, I thought I’d give you a pip- it’s Midnight, which means- a conduit of wisdom. With all this energy happening, may wisdom play its part.

Mary- I feel like your year is going to be a powerhouse! I hope you’ll keep me posted!


Magenta is a vibrant intuitive conversation with divine source.  It’s 6th and 7th chakra together. It’s the ability to use your intuition to understand collective consciousness.  It’s fun and exciting and exhausting and can be anxiety-provoking.

To support you in this year-long conversation, I give you Wild Green. It is the green of a wild, loving heart. It’s deep, wild love. Wear it when you’re ready to run through the forest, knowing you are in concert with everything around you.

And your yes color- it’s Vibrant Aqua– the color that helps you integrate intuitive information with observed information.

You need a pip! And that pip is Charcoal. Charcoal is dynamic change with a bit of blue to support your 5th chakra.  You’ll need it to help you listen and integrate what you learn. Be very kind to your throat this year!

Have a great 2016!


I wish I could tell you that your year is one of gentle repose. It sounds like that’s what you were hoping for. Instead, this color means- Keep Healthy Boundaries. The good news, though, it’s a vibrant coral. So it points to a more happy experience.

And once you’ve become a practiced practitioner of healthy boundaries, it gets easier.

To support you this year, I give you- Teal. Teal means Embody Truth. Wear teal when you want ease in the everyday courage department.

And your yes color, is Pale Jade. It’s meaning is gentle harmony and balance.

Poppy- you are so wise. I hope this year is a practice in harmony.


This color! So bright and vibrant. It’s gorgeous and rich. It’s the color of the clementine, that sweet little orange that turns up around the holidays. You know, creativity and fertility are activities that take energy out of us. This color somehow adds it back. It’s the orange of a goddess’ grace.  So this is rejuvenation through creative acts.

To support you, I give you Bordeaux. It’s the color of abundance. It’s the safety of the 1st chakra. Wear it on those days when things need to really go right!

Your yes color is Deep Sky. This color means Joyous Geography.  I imagine it shows up when you’re really going places!

Here’s to 2016!


Whoa! Lady! That’s bright! This is blaze orange, which means Living your purpose.  What is your purpose? Are you living it? This year is stepping you in that direction.

To help you with this auspicious situation, I give you Bay Ocean. This luminous color means An Open Heart.  Your heart’s presence is required in this endeavor.

And your yes color- Beyond Blue. This chakra supports your 5th chakra, the home of communication as you go beyond your expectations!

I’m excited to hear about your purpose and how you’re living it!


This is one of the most beautiful colors I’ve seen this year. It means- To develop your sense of self. The key word in that sentence is sense.

You already have a keen ability to tune in. This feels like you’re going another step deeper.

To support you on this journey, I give you Cranberry. Cranberry means A deep inward vision. It’s a 1st chakra support system with a nice shot of 6th chakra pink in it.

And- as a counterpoint, let’s have some Wild Grape. Your yes color means Collective Consciousness. It’s the color that supports a connection to divine source and to all of the people and animals and plants that share our world.

This is going to be a good year, Ullie. I can feel it!

Such a creative year! So much bravery and grounding required!  Thanks for taking part everybody!

*from a poem by Jon Burgon