Remember Isaac Luria’s creation story?

Sure you do.

Remember when we were in that cosmic history class together, back in the 1500’s, and we were talking about the Big Bang, and Neil deGrasse Tyson was waxing on about how, if all of history happened in a day, that human civilization has only been around for 3 minutes.

And everybody was like, Neil, shut it, you know it all. 

 And then Isaac Luria came in -smelling of weed- and said, No man, no.  See, here’s what happened. .

First God created a space. And then in that space, he made a vessel. And then he broke it into millions of pieces.  And it’s our job to pick up the pieces.  

And then he imitated Bruce Willis in Die Hard,

Tikkun Olam Mother-fuckers! 

Remember? Your first taste of existential angst- when you realized that we are all part of a universe-sized game of 52 pick up?

So, let’s just put this here- I struggle with this. I struggle with Who signed me up to fix the world?

And often, my answer is: Pick up your own cards, God.   I’ll be over here in my Punjammies eating peppermint fudge and perfecting gin-based cocktails. 

Enter Rose Red

In late December, I was peeling a bunch of potatoes.  I was wondering whether to do Color of the Year. And I was just starting to feel around the edges of what my color of the year was. 

And then, in my mind’s eye, I saw my color. It was a picture of a rose- a rose that was changing color from Orange to a deep Pinky Red.

It looked like this, but tightly budded.
orangeroseIt was beautiful. You know when you’re offered an opportunity that’s bigger than your brain can take in? It was like that.

It was more than enough to get out of my punjammies and into some work clothes. Yes. Do Color of the Year- it seemed to say.

Orange is creativity- it’s ripening- it’s 2nd chakra- directed order from chaos.

And Pink- a deep pinky-red- that’s 1st and 6th chakra-  Inward (1st) and Outward (6th).  Grounded (1st) and Flying (6th).  Self-wisdom (1st) and Intuition  (6th).

This color was shouting, Share your Passion! Drop your angst. 


I finished peeling the potato. And started peeling another.  And took my life off pause.


Support Colors and YES Colors

What a crazy awesome color! What an overwhelming concept. Where are my punjammies?

In the shower, the next day, I realized that this color is not a comfortable place to stay. It was a feverish kitchen of a color.  What color could I bring to my rescue when I needed a break?

I pulled out my Pantone color book, and gravitated towards lilac- grace and teal – embodying truth.

And then I did my Instagram Best Nine and encountered a wood violet that I took a picture of last spring. It was a volunteer in a quiet place in the yard of the Spakona Guest House.

Wood Violet- in my color lexicon (that I will be sharing with you, soon) means- In this earthly realm, the divine still touches you.




Wood violet would be my support color- the color I wear when I’m feeling like going home and hiding, and chucking The Intuitive Bridge in the fuck it bucket.

And what would be my Yes color -the color that appears when I need a sign from All-that-is? I closed my eyes and saw Aspen leaves quaking in bright sunlight.  Aspen yellow.

Aspens are a tree with a root system that enables many trees to grow up out of the same roots. It’s perpetually growing and dying.  Aspen yellow means You will spring up. 


I settled into this color story. A color to describe my year,  a support color and and a way to look for a yes from God.  Rose Red, Wood Violet and Aspen.  I let that steep.


And then, the next day, I was driving through Multnomah Village. And I saw an SUV with a big advertisement on the back. Aspen consulting. It was Aspen yellow.  It surprised me!

Okay. I exhaled. I will Share my Passion. It will be my Tikkun Olam. I will play 52 pickup with God.

We are here to say Yes. And we have the the right to say No.  

So- are you taking part in Color of the Year? I hope so.  It’s Friday at 9 am. Here at the blog. Bring your color!  More info here.